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Linda-Ann Stewart - Heartvision Consulting. Flagstaff, Arizona Area, AZ, US

Linda-Ann Stewart

CEO | Heartvision Consulting

Flagstaff, Arizona Area, AZ, UNITED STATES

Helping people get unstuck so they have less stress and more success.





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In 1980, Linda-Ann Stewart began coaching (before it was called that), speaking and facilitating groups on the topics of empowerment, affirmations, personal development and changing your mindset. She opened her private hypnotherapy practice in 1990, a few years after moving to Sedona, AZ. Over the years, she's helped hundreds of people to reduce stress, raise their self-esteem, break negative habits, achieve their goals and improve their lives.

For over seven years, she facilitated county Tobacco-Cessation classes, addressing the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of the tobacco-user. She pointed out how their beliefs affected their choice whether to smoke or not. Scores of people successfully became tobacco-free.

As a writer, she's had 200 articles on empowerment, mindset, and motivation published in magazines, newsletters and online. Using a holistic approach, Linda-Ann explains how a person's beliefs, attitudes and expectations can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for success or failure.

Linda-Ann helps people recognize how their thoughts can negatively affect their performance and productivity, and illustrates how to create positive attitudes and increased efficiency. Based on her decades of experience in helping clients, she's an authority on how you can be hypnotized by your mindset to either sabotage yourself or achieve your goals.

Linda-Ann has spoken at many venues in the Southwest U.S., including: associations, organizations, schools, and industry conferences. She's given presentations and workshops at annual hypnotherapy symposiums, and won a "Member of the Year" award. As professional member of the National Speaker's Association, she empowers people to recognize new possibilities and realize their full potential.

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Professional Training and Coaching


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Personal Development

Stress Management

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Yavapai College: Creative Writing 1986

University of Houston: Geology 1974

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  • National Speakers Association National Speakers Association - Arizona Chapter

Testimonials (3)

Beth Rigby, Owner | Yoga Meets Dance Teacher Training

"Thank you so much for your delightful presentation at my Yoga Meets Dance Teacher Training. I most appreciate your cheerfulness, promptness and the helpful information you offered the trainees. The participants especially enjoyed the 'how to's' you presented for selling themselves as movement teachers to various groups. Your presentation was professional and insightful."

Jo Burke, President | Lake Montezuma Women's Civic Club

"Ms. Stewart spoke to the ladies Civic Club in December. The following comments were made concerning her presentation: poignant, candid, soul searching, and relevant. Thanks to Ms. Stewart for making so many individuals aware of possibilities for boosting self confidence and awareness."

Tyler Johnson, Conference Manager | NACE - International Autobody Congress & Exposition - Hanley Woods Exhibitions

"You have a unique ability to format your material during the presentation according to the educational needs and instruction level required by your audience. This skill allows you to tailor the presentation "mid-stream" and really help the attendees learn and grow. You have a natural speaking style that is easy to listen to."

Event Appearances (1)

Stop Hypnotizing Yourself To Fail

Meeting  Camp Verde, Arizona


Sample Talks (1)

Undo The Voodoo That You Do So Well

You hypnotize yourself every day. This is normal, though, unless you're hypnotizing yourself to reinforce negative messages. These unconscious messages, beliefs or attitudes can make you unhappy, unproductive or underachieving. Undo The Voodoo shows you how to stop this trance-like self-sabotage, and leads to more easily attained goals, increased productivity and an overall sense of accomplishment and well-being. This presentation will show you how to break the trance of your mindset.



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