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Lisa Braithwaite - Santa Barbara, California, CA, US

Lisa Braithwaite

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Santa Barbara, California, CA, UNITED STATES

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Lisa Braithwaite started performing at the tender age of three when, confronted by her mother about why there was Comet cleanser all over the bathroom, she responded, "Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!" She's been traumatized by bathrooms ever since.

Her background also includes playing a groovy Santa in a 1977 elementary school Christmas play and making her mother cry as Emily in the 8th grade production of “Our Town.” She occasionally won high school speech tournaments with her award-winning topic of “Brown Bag Lunches.” More recent achievements include faking her way through an interview for a Chicago Tribune article about faking public speaking.

But what’s most important is Lisa’s philosophy of public speaking: That it’s fun, that it’s an awesome way to express yourself creatively, and that passion and enthusiasm are worth more than a thousand techniques.

Also, that public speaking makes you richer, thinner, and better in bed, but you’ll have to read her blog to find out how!

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Professional Training and Coaching

Business Services

Corporate Training

Areas of Expertise (3)

Presentation Skills

Effective Powerpoint

Business Networking

Accomplishments (1)

Louise Lowry Davis award (professional)


In 2003, Lisa was honored for her work with the nonprofit organization she founded, Body Electric, with the Louise Lowry Davis award, named for a local pioneer in women’s sports. The award is given annually by the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table to a person recognized as a player, coach or sponsor who excels in leadership and sportsmanship in the community.

Education (2)

University of California, Santa Barbara: M.A., Education 1992

Pomona College: B.A., Theater 1987

Theater, theater, and more theater. Drama, drama, drama...

Affiliations (4)

  • Women's Economic Ventures
  • Santa Barbara Tweetups
  • Santa Barbara Associates
  • Santa Barbara Female Entrepreneurs

Testimonials (3)

Kim Jage, Sales and Marketing Director, World Tea Media | World Tea Expo

"THANK YOU for speaking at Expo. You are fabulous and deliver such an important message. My only wish is that the industry was up-to-speed a bit more. Your participation led an air of excitement to the event. And thank you too for spearheading WTE social media outreach. I loved retweeting your tweets. I too hope we work together again. I look forward to seeing you and next time, sharing a cup of tea."

Ashley Butler-Soberano, Projects Coordinator and Assistant to the Vice President of Philanthropic Services | Santa Barbara Foundation training

"I had a fair amount of experience with networking before the training, but have been 'out of practice' for two years. Lisa's business networking training was a reminder to really think about how I present the organization I work for in terms that other people can understand and relate to. I believe that our department became aware not only to be active when at a networking event, but also how to be an active and engaging networking host. Lisa's training really started the conversation about how we collectively present ourselves to others and how we can improve on how others perceive us as an organization."

Vicki Wedmore, Director of Student Programs | Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara training

"It seems every day since our training, we at the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara are finding ways to incorporate the many techniques, suggestions and guidelines for effective public speaking taught by Lisa Braithwaite into our work. As staff, we were so motivated by the training that we immediately began the process of reworking our longstanding PowerPoint presentations, with a goal of creating concise, interesting, factual and relevant new slides that will serve as our 'talking points' to share this fall at schools and in other public forums across the county. We highly recommend Lisa’s training to any organization that hopes to improve the quality and effectiveness of its public speaking presentations."

Event Appearances (4)

Networking Works: Build Relationships to Spread Your Message

Santa Barbara Foundation training  Santa Barbara, CA


Speak to Engage: Audience-Centered Presenting

Stanford Round Table Executive Directors training  Santa Barbara, CA


Networking Works: Build Relationships to Build Your Business

World Tea Expo  Las Vegas, NV


Speak Up! 5 Daily Challenges to Build Your Confidence Muscles at Work, at Home, and in Front of an Audience

Professional Women's Association Conference, UCSB  Santa Barbara, CA


Sample Talks (1)

Speak Up! 5 Daily Challenges to Build Your Confidence Muscles at Work, at Home and in Front of an Audience

If the "comfort zone" is so comfortable, why would we ever want to leave it? Participants are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and take on five challenges that will help them build confidence in their personal lives, in their work lives and, ultimately, on the public speaking stage. Confidence is both mental and physical; it's the positive way you perceive yourself, and it's the way your body projects that positive self-image. Presentation is interactive.



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  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee