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Lisa Lewis - Fielding Graduate University. Santa Barbara, CA, US

Lisa Lewis Lisa Lewis

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer | Fielding Graduate University

Santa Barbara, CA, UNITED STATES

Financial professional with expertise in higher education, distributed learning business models and non-profit finance.



Lisa H. Lewis, MBA, is vice president and chief financial officer at Fielding Graduate University. Her professional career began as a financial analyst with an environment consulting firm. Her interest in non-profits and education began with her work at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. She has demonstrated leadership in higher education financial planning, treasury, endowment management, board relations, accreditation and fiscal management. She is presently involved with higher education partnerships and first time federal grant applications.

Industry Expertise (6)

Accounting Financial Services Non-Profit/Charitable Education/Learning Environmental Services Museums and Institutions

Areas of Expertise (8)

HIgher Education Finance Non-Profits Endowment Management Treasury FInancial Strategies Enrollment Planning Graduate Education Accreditation