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Lisa K. Perdigao, Ph.D. - Florida Tech. Melbourne, FL, US

Lisa K. Perdigao, Ph.D. Lisa K. Perdigao, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus| School of Arts and Communication | Florida Tech


Dr. Perdigao’s research focuses on narrative ends and beginnings.

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Comic Book Adaptations



Marvel Cinematic Universe



Dr. Lisa Perdigao’s research focuses on narrative ends and beginnings, specifically the representation of death and resurrection in literature, film, television and comics.

Her first book, "From Modernist Entombment to Postmodernist Exhumation" (Ashgate, 2010), examines the struggle with -- and for -- closure in 20th-century American fiction. This work has expanded into other media as she explores resurrection and regeneration in film and television, including the reanimation of comics on the big and small screen.

She has published articles and essays on numerous films and television series including Memento, Inception, Big Fish, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Firefly, Serenity, Fringe, Glee and Arrow.

Dr. Perdigao teaches courses in American and British literature, children’s and adolescent literature, cultural studies, film and television.

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Lisa K. Perdigao, Ph.D. Publication Lisa K. Perdigao, Ph.D. Publication Lisa K. Perdigao, Ph.D. Publication



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Media Appearances (4)

Florida Tech Seniors Brian Murphy, Brooke Hursh Named 2021 Astronaut Scholars

Space Coast Daily News  


“Brian has a strong record of achievements as a leader and mentor at Florida Tech,” Lisa Perdigao, a professor and Honors College assistant vice president, said in a letter of recommendation, noting that he is vice president of the Astrobiological Research and Education Society (ARES), a Student Honors Council member, and a Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society member.

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Avengers Endgame: Florida Tech Professor Lisa Perdigo Studying Superhero Regeneration

Space Coast Daily News  


Lisa Perdigao, assistant provost for the Honors College and professor at Florida Tech, has examined the roles of death and rebirth of superheroes in comic books, television and movies.

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Comics do transmedia *super* well

Florida Today  print


Ever have a conversation with someone where you end up saying, "me, too!" like a bazillion times? Yeah, me, too. This happened when I interviewed Lisa Perdigao, humanities program chair and professor of English at Florida Tech's school of arts and communication. We spoke about Marvel, DC Comics and transmedia storytelling — taking the storyline from TV shows and matching them up with plotlines from the movies, or referencing characters from a movie (or TV show) to another movie (or TV show). Some examples? Think Marvel's popular end movie credits or the many crossovers on the CW series "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," "Arrow" and "The Flash."

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Three at Florida Tech Earn Faculty Excellence Awards

Florida Tech News  


Three Florida Institute of Technology faculty members earned the university’s 2008 Faculty Excellence Awards for outstanding performance. They are Lisa K. Perdigao, assistant professor of humanities and communication, Kerry Bruce Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching; Michael S. Grace associate professor of biological sciences, Andrew W. Revay Jr. Award for Excellence in Service; and Virender K. Sharma, professor of chemistry, Award for Excellence in Research.

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Education (3)

Northeastern University: Ph.D., English 2004

Dissertation: “Encrypting the Body: Entombment, Exhumation, and Figuration in Twentieth-Century American Literature”

Boston College: M.A., English 1999

Boston College: B.A., English and Philosophy 1997

Selected Articles (4)

The Lazarus Phenomenon

Studies in Popular Culture


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Elusive Particles

Boston Review


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"coming undone": Entering Jorie Graham's Poststructuralist Poetics

South Atlantic Review


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“I hear it’s best to play along”: The Poststructuralist Turn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association


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Accomplishments (4)

​ Andrew W. Revay Jr. Award for Excellence in Service (professional)

2019 - Florida Institute of Technology

Charles E. Helmstetter Award for Excellence in Research (professional)

2014 - Florida Institute of Technology

Kerry Bruce Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching (professional)

2008 - Florida Institute of Technology

Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Excellence in Teaching Award (professional)

2005 - Florida Institute of Technology

Event Appearances (7)

‘This Was Something Different’: A New Caped Crusader in Batwoman: Elegy

Northeast Modern Language Association  Pittsburgh, PA

‘Memory of Tomorrow’: Syfy’s 12 Monkeys and the Future of Television

South Atlantic Modern Language Association  Georgia, GA

‘The Second Coming’: The Afterlife of Heroes

Northeast Modern Language Association  Pittsburgh, PA

'This Is So Metaphorical’: Under Quarantine in Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite

Northeast Modern Language Association  

'We’ll say hello again': WandaVision and the Art of Resurrection

Slayage 9 Conference  

'No resurrections this time’: Thanos, Thanatos, and Eros in Avengers: Infinity War

Popular Culture Association in the South/American Culture Association in the South  New Orleans

'Becoming Posthuman: The Moravec Test in/of Be Right Back and Ex Machina'

Northeast Modern Language Association