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Liz Walker - Youth Wellbeing Project. Brisbane Area, Australia, Queensland, AU

Liz Walker Liz Walker

Managing Director | Youth Wellbeing Project

Brisbane Area, Australia, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Sexuality educator, young people’s advocate, author and professional speaker






Is free pornography destroying our brains? Parents 'can't protect' kids against porn Not for kids! Parents warned about the accessibility of porn Sex education from 5 years of age? Learning about the birds and the bees




As an accredited sexologist and Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project, I bring timely insight to instil young people with a positive attitude towards their bodies and peers, and offer strategic tips for healthy sexual development.

My latest publication is Not for Kids! children's book, teaching kids how to stay safe online and seek help when they see upsetting images. This has been favourably reviewed by Australia's children eSafety Commissioner, Alastair MacGibbon - learn more at

I regularly contribute to media and self-help outlets, and have been featured on Australian and New Zealand media including The Morning Show, Today Tonight, The Daily Edition and a recent documentary in New Zealand by TV3 current affairs program 3D: Is free pornography destroying our brains?

The reality is that it’s virtually impossible to raise kids without them absorbing messages that are underpinned by a pornified culture. Unfortunately, the signs indicate that many are not faring well under the pressure.

If you are looking for a presentation that’s both passionate and compassionate – engaging and confronting – motivational and introspective, I will provide just that. Delivering everything from Keynote presentations through to workshops and small groups, hosting me at your conference, public or private school, church or community group will be a decision you won’t regret. Enquire today to have me speak about on these vitally important yet sensitive topics!

Liz Walker
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Health and Wellness

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Sexual Health

Youth Wellbeing

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Accomplishments (3)

BODY IQ Programs (professional)

BODY IQ programs equip primary school students with skills for life by enhancing protective behaviours and emotional intelligence. Based on best practice sexuality education and curriculum standards, these programs support children to enhance their health, relationships and safety both online and offline.

BODY IQ programs achieve the Personal, Social and Community Health Content Descriptions as set down in the Australian National Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.

RELATIONSHIP IQ Programs (professional)

Based on best practice sexuality education and curriculum standards, the RELATIONSHIP IQ programs for High Schools are grounded in a whole-person centred approach.

RELATIONSHIP IQ programs achieve the Personal, Social and Community Health Content Descriptions as set down in the Australian National Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.

Not for Kids! children's book (professional)


This exceptional children’s book offers gentle and insightful guidance and is a must have for parents and professionals to prepare kids under the age of 10 for the inevitable occasion of when they will see explicit imagery.

Available from

Education (3)

University of Sydney: Master of Health Science, Sexual Health 2011

Inspire Education: TAE40110 Cert IV , Training and Assessment 2012

Ignition Training College: Diploma of Community Welfare Work, Community Welfare 2010

Affiliations (4)

  • Youth Wellbeing Project - Managing Director
  • ASSERT NSW - Professional Member
  • eChildhood - Chair
  • Culture Reframed - Director of Health Education

Testimonials (2)

Brian Barker, Principal | Genesis Christian College

"Liz is a lady of integrity and is passionate about all she does. She is a capable and personable communicator with audiences of all ages. I have no doubt that the quality of her presentations delivered at Genesis will be duplicated elsewhere."

Parent comment from similar event:
“My kids seem to be growing up so fast. Liz, thanks for shedding light on what they could be seeing and having to deal with – I’m feeling much more confident about how to guide my kids through this stuff.”

Alison Richardson, Director - AISHM | Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine

Liz Walker spoke at the recent Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine 2015 conference in Sydney where she presented a talk on the effects of the porn culture on young people called 'Implications of porn use for Teen Mental Wellbeing'.
Liz is an exceptionally passionate and articulate speaker who has thoroughly researched her topic and presents in an accessible and interesting manner. Her message is strong and uncompromising, backed by clinical experience and research. An expert in this controversial area I expect to see Liz on the world stage in the near future warning of the effects of the porn culture on future generations.

Media Appearances (1)

Is free pornography destroying our brains?

TV3 New Zealand  tv


Schoolkids today are watching porn like never before. It's free, it's instant and it's having a devastating effect.
3D has spoken to porn users and porn addicts, as well as a sex educator and a top international scientist who say this new type of porn can actually alter our brains.

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Event Appearances (1)

Porn Harms Kids

Pornography & Harms to Children and Young People Symposium  University of NSW


Sample Talks (1)

What can parents do about porn?

On Tuesday April 5 2016, Exploring Teens asked the question: Is this normal teenage behaviour? At their very first Q & A parents forum, 7 experts in their field ranging from psychologists to youth motivational speakers, informed and empowered parents. It was a brilliant night and the organisers are to be commended on hosting such a great event. If you haven’t heard about subscribed Exploring Teens and subscribed to their magazine, please do!! It’s a brilliant resource of support and encouragement to parents who often feel isolated and alone whilst navigating what can be tumultuous years.



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0 to 3000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Courses (1)

Counteracting Porn Culture

In the last decade, the Internet and increased access to it through mobile devices has changed almost every aspect of our lives. This includes access to pornography. Porn has become more mainstream and violent than ever before. Professional practice and research shows that free and easy access to sexually violent online pornography is contributing to a myriad of challenges for children and young people. Not only has consumption become normalised (particularly amongst young men), the toll on relational, emotional, mental, sexual and social development for young people demands a fresh approach in response to counteract porn culture.

Having the knowledge and skills to build porn-resilience in young people through education & counselling simply must be embraced by every school and wellbeing agency. This workshop enables you to take a step inside the online world of young people and understand the
impact porn culture is having on them and their relationships.
* Learn about the effects of porn on the brain and pathways to compulsive use
* Gain insight to understand varying impacts of internet porn on child and youth development, attitudes and behaviours such as problem sexualised behaviour, sexually abusive behaviours towards others and sending nude images
* Learn about complex and interwoven dimensions of sexuality, and weigh up how external influences such as porn shapes personal attitudes and sexual belief systems
* Consider how intimate partner violence is linked to pornography and male-dominated depictions of sexuality in media
* Have sexuality, sexual health, sexual diversity and sexual rights explained in order to form a holistic response
* Become familiar with best practice relationships and sexuality rationale and education frameworks
* Discover practical and easy to implement resources to instil online protective behaviours in children
* Unmask complex arguments surrounding the porn debate, why porn culture requires an active response, and be inspired to speak up for change
* Identify strategies to actively respond through activism, education, lobbying and collective impact
* Receive an introduction to resources that increase protective factors and equip primary & secondary aged young people to resist porn culture

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