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Lori Rubenstein Fazzio - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Lori Rubenstein Fazzio

Clinical Professor of Yoga Studies and Health | Loyola Marymount University


Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and College of Communication & Fine Arts



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Professor Lori Rubenstein Fazzio, DPT, PT, MAppSc, C-IAYT earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, her Master of Applied Science from the University of South Australia and her Bachelor of Science from Boston University. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. Her research interests focus on the subtle body in pain management and the intersection and application of the philosophical science of yoga with the clinical science of modern medicine for improving eudaemonic well-being. She pioneered the first yoga therapy internship at the Simms Mann Venice Family Clinic in Los Angeles where interns from LMU gain mentored experience and provide individualized yoga therapy within an integrative medicine clinic for patients suffering from chronic pain. Her mission is to expand this model into other healthcare and educational settings.

Education (3)

Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions: Doctor of Physical Therapy 2008

University of South Australia: Master of Applied Science in Physical Therapy/Manipulative Therapy 1998

Boston University: Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy 1987

Areas of Expertise (3)

Pain Science


Physical Therapy

Accomplishments (6)

Licensed Physical Therapist


Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)

International Association of Yoga Therapists

iRest Teacher

Level 2 Certified

Certified Brain Longevity Teacher

Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation

Somatic Experiencing

Level 2 Practitioner

Pilates Instructor


Media Appearances (1)

“Backpacks and Schoolchildren”

ABC Good Morning America  tv

Invited Guest Speaker New York, NY (1998)

Event Appearances (15)

“Best Practices in Implementing Yoga Therapy into a Clinical Model”

Brain Longevity Symposium  (October 2019)

“Spirituality in Healthcare through Yoga and the Four Dharmic Traditions"

Uberoi Experts Meeting: The Concept of Health and Well-Being in the Four Dharmic Traditions  Denver, CO (2019)

“Yoga Therapy in Medicine”

UCLA Integrative Medicine Guest Lecturer  Los Angeles, CA (2019)

“Yoga Therapy for Healthy Aging”

LMU Jewish Studies Speaker Series  Fountainview Gonda Los Angeles, CA (2019)

“Patanjali and Health Science”

SASA 2019 Conference  Claremont, CA (2019)

“Patanjali, Pain and Neuroscience”

CYTER 3rd International Symposium on Yoga Therapy  Pondicherry, India (2018)

“Anatomical Asana”

LMU Yoga Day  Los Angeles, CA (2018)

“Yoga Therapists as Lifestyle Management Experts”

CYTER 2nd International Symposium on Yoga Therapy  Pondicherry, India (2017)

“Neuroplastic Yoga: Bhavana your asana”

LMU Yoga Day  Los Angeles, CA (2015)

“Educating Yoga Therapists as Lifestyle Management Experts”

LMU Ayurveda: Health for Body and Mind  Los Angeles, CA (2017)

“Neuroplastic Yoga”

LMU Yoga Studies Speaker Series  Los Angeles, CA (2017)

“Sound for mental and physical stability”

LMU Yoga Day  Los Angeles, CA (2016)

“Yoga Therapists, the world needs you now: Parallels between the evolution of physical therapy and Yoga therapy”

Plenary at IAYT Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research  Newport Beach, CA (2015)

“Practical tools to empower your Asana”

IAYT Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research  Newport Beach, CA (2015)

“Neuroplastic Yoga for Chronic Pain”

IAYT Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research  Asilomar, CA (2011)

Research Focus (3)

“Effect of Mindfulness on Memory and Function in Chronic Pain Sufferers”


“Effect of Backpacks on Schoolchildren”

Master’s Thesis


“The Effect of Yoga on Undergraduate Students”


Articles (8)

"Body Awareness, Bhavana and Pratyhara" in Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain

London, UK: Singing Dragon Publishers

Pearson N, Prosko S, Sullivan M, eds.


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