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Lori Webb - International Speaker Collective. Copenhagen, , DK

Lori Webb

Founder, Speaker & Trainer | International Speaker Collective

Copenhagen, DENMARK

Enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable speaking professional with five decades of varied experience under her belt.



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Lori is curious and dedicated to knowledge and discovering, then deciphering the new. She has a tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge on a range of subjects in multiple industries; as well as a rich personal background that began in NYC; took her to over 10 other cities before bringing her, 35 years ago, to her current place of residence in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her expertise includes art and science and the combination that comes from intertwining each. She has an uncanny ability to see possibilities and quickly and efficiently setting forth to realize them.

Her journey to founding International Speaker Collective stems from extensive experience on and behind the stage and camera, in the board and classrooms and on the mic. She is as comfortable performing live for thousands as she is on camera one on one. She has trained countless professional and personal connections from business pitches to family presentations to tv interviews and more. She has helped many individuals as well as professional networks to develop their online profiles. She has managed social media for international live events and the digital backend of hundreds of hours of digital ones. Her writing background has made her adept and mining ideas and identifying and structuring the key elements of a speech. Her background as a former radio personality, DJ, model, dancer, actress and image consultant has also proved to be a great asset in her ability to then help fellow speakers to polish their message from tone to design to delivery.

She is also well versed in the business aspects of the speaking/event/training/publishing industries and has forged valuable partnerships to support future revenue-generating opportunities for ISC members.

Industry Expertise (5)

Writing and Editing

Social Media


Training and Development

Business Services

Areas of Expertise (6)

Experience Design

Public Speaking & Presentation

Philosophy of Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tech for the Technologically Challenged

The Abc's of Social Media

Professional & Personal Development

Accomplishments (3)

#1 Amazon Bestseller (professional)

#1 Amazon Bestseller since 2011. Ten separate #1 bestseller titles, across .com, .co.uk and .ca Amazon platforms. Titles include entrepreneurship, public relations, sustainability, and more. These titles were originally received during three consecutive months for three books that were sequentially published during that period. The books have continued to intermittently regain #1 status on several occasions throughout the years.

Pending World Record for Most Attended VIrtual Summit (professional)

In connection with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015; I created a continuous 168 hour internationally livestreamed virtual summit with 20K attendees. The platform on which the summit was hosted, unfortunately, shut down before the record could be confirmed.

The Entrepreneur Hotline (professional)

In 2019, as a follow up to the pending work record event four years prior; collaborating with two other hosts, we successfully completed a 108 hour virtual assistance hotline for entrepreneurs to an audience of 3,000.

Education (2)

IT University: M.Sc. in Information Technology, Design, Communication and Media 2000

State University of New York at Oswego: B. A. in Theater minor in English, Theater and English 1985

Affiliations (11)

  • National Speakers Association
  • Global Federation of Speakers
  • elevAteher
  • Ellevate
  • Innovation Women
  • Danish Film Academy
  • International Speaker Collective
  • International Happiness Day
  • Earth Day Network
  • Global Entrepreneurship Network
  • Women Speakers Association

Languages (2)

  • English
  • Danish

Testimonials (8)

René Lønne Ventzel, Co-founder and Lead Organizer | TEDx Frederiksberg

Lori Webb was our 'Master of Ceremonies' also known as host during the whole day of TEDxFrederiksberg 2019. Lori was very professional and well prepared. She insisted on knowing the content of the day and showed up to several meetings before the day. On the day, she excelled in bringing life and energy to the stage without making it about her and at the same time guide the guest through the entire day of speakers and entertainment. My best recommendations.

Lisbeth Holdt Jørgensen, Voice Expert | Voice Inc

Lori really knows how to conquer a room with presence and energy and at the same time share her deep knowledge. As a part of an audience I felt in the best of hands with no dull moments. Her creativity and spontaneity on the stage are admirable and left me very inspired.

Gael Gilliland, Founder | The Legacy Recorder

Lori is not only a powerfully connective speaker, but she also supports and encourages new speakers to start their journey and challenges them to be better every time. I have had the opportunity to see her speak, witness her gift of connecting people together, and benefit from her organizing a record-breaking live stream event. I've experienced first hand her dedication to lifting others up and working with them to create opportunities to grow and reach for goals they never dreamed possible.

Tanja Scot, TEDx Speaker | TEDxFrederiksberg

I had the pleasure of meeting Lori due to the very first TEDxFrederiksberg in Copenhagen, June 1, 2019. Not only was she amazing in hosting and catching the moments as the MC of the event - on as off stage with her great and embracing personality; but she also put in an extraordinary and unexpected effort throughout the process leading up to the event; contributing and supporting us Speakers to elevate our speeches.

Viktor Beregszaszi, Founder and Lead Facilitator | Innovation Haven

Having seen Lori speak on several occasions; I have been very impressed with her breadth and, especially, depth of knowledge. I have also enjoyed her creative twists at communicating important information. If you are looking for a smart, savvy and engaging speaker; here she is.

Alina Calugaru, Founder and Instagram Influencer | Behind the Startups

I was part of the Freedom Speech and Concert event organized by Metta Carter, where I was the marketing coordinator in Nov 2017. The event was organized in the name of Nelson Mandela's daughter, Zindzi Mandela. Here at this amazing event, there were several important speakers who talked about arts, and inclusion and culture, but the most engaging, professional and lively speech besides Zindzi's life story, was definitely Lori Webb's. The stage comes naturally to her and she alone, made the whole public connect with her, listen to her and interact. After that, I had her invited to do a Pitch workshop as a part of an event called Bridge Week at the CPH Business Academy in March 2018. She did not disappoint! Again, she made an amazing and valuable performance for both teachers and students; using her storytelling skills to explain challenging concepts. Lori is a package of multi-talent and knowledge in one person. Hiring her will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. She is exceptional!

Søren Lybecker, Program Director | Technical University of Denmark

This is a testimonial about Lori Webb. I've had the opportunity of working with Lori for a couple of semesters. She was the anchorwoman and talk show hostess of the TEMO talk show at the Technical University of Denmark and she did an awesome job. I can't think of anyone who could have done it better. She was really engaged and created a good atmosphere. Everything was beautiful. So, I think if you have the chance, I think you should hire Lori.

Tórður Pætur Ravnsfjall, President | Toastmasters Club of Amager

Hey, my name is Tor and I am the president of Amager Toastmasters Club of Toastmasters International. We recently started a new club and Lori Webb was kind enough to come and give a speech as a guest speaker. And having a professional speaker helped make it into a special event. She gave a speech about speaking with clarity, confidence, and composure. You could clearly see that she had decades of stage experience; simply by the way she moved on stage and her confidence. It was so nice to see that contrast for all our aspiring speakers. To anyone who wants a professional speaker to talk about subjects like speaking with confidence or entrepreneurship, I would highly recommend Lori Webb.

Media Appearances (10)

Designer, Host and Producer

The Entrepreneur Hotline  online

108 hour around the clock hotline for entrepreneurs. An event held in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week and providing a platform for entrepreneurs to share knowledge; tips; experiences; resources and support.

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Why Solo Entrepreneurs Desperately Need To Prioritize Wellness Training

Forbes  online

Article byline for ForbesWomen on entrepreneur wellness.

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The Gatekeeper Has Lost Their Keys (in Danish)

Ivaerksaetteren*The Entrepreneur Magazine  print


Article introducing entrepreneur / author/ online media expert, Gary Vaynerchuk to Denmark.

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Women Taste Success (in Danish)

Ivaerksaetteren *The Entrepreneur Magazine  print

Article written in Danish featuring (now defunct) New York based International Women's Network, Savor the Success. Introducing founder, Angela Jia Kim, to Denmark.

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Entrepreneur Stories from Around the World

Andersen Publishing  print

An article promoting the need for increased visibility on the true diversity of the entrepreneurial space within Denmark and beyond. The article highlighting the early research into the writer's book, Entrepreneurial Profiles: Around the World and Down the Street.

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Book Wishlist *in Danish

Ivaerksaetteren |The Entrepreneur Magazine in Danish  

List of important books for entrepreneurs presenting new trends, concepts and resources within the entrepreneurial space at the time and beyond.

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Current Trends in Entrepreneurship *in Danish

Ivaerksaetteren | The Entrepreneur Magazine in Danish  print


Entrepreneurial trendspotter (Springwise, Trendwatch, Trendhunting, Happy Spotters) shares her thoughts on the most relevant trends of the time and basis for her forthcoming book sharing the diversity of the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Radio Personality

Radio Voice  radio

Radio personality at Scandinavia's, then, largest private radio station. Three years. Shows included: Lunch with Lori, Wednesday is Hump Day, New Music Thursday, Dance Party Weekend; plus movie reviews and artist interviews.

TV Guest, expert, pilot host and performer

Assorted local, national and international stations  tv

I do not have access to my tv appearances, most of which occurred decades ago.

The Power of Experience

Red Zone Leadership  online

Interview for podcast, Red Zone Leadership with Maribeth Kuzmeski.

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Event Appearances (11)

TEDx Emcee

TEDxFrederiksberg  The Royal Academy of Music


Safety in Crowds *Social Media Talk

International Crowd Safety Conference  The Royal Danish Library

Event Moderator

Good Ideas Salon  The National Museum of Denmark

Speaker / Introducing the Social Media Canvas

Social Media Week Copenhagen  Maersk

Facilitator / 2 Day Storytelling Workshop

Our Story, Your Story and Their Story  Ubuntu House

Host, Designer and Producer

TEMO Talk Show  Technical University of Denmark

Host / 2 Day International Conference

Rebuild21  Copenhagen, Denmark

Presenter /The Design Souveniring Method

Human Computer Interaction  Montreal, Canada

Speaker / Healthcare Trends

World Usability Day Ignite  IT University of Copenhagen

Presenter / Quality Visitor Experience

National Association of Interpretation Conference  San Juan, Puerto Rico

Speaker / Trendspotting

Ivaerk og Vaerk Entrepreneur Fair  Forum

Sample Talks (4)

Embracing & Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Increased Innovative Outcomes

Entrepreneurial Spirit is the driving force behind innovation large or small. How do groups, organizations or businesses go about embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and leveraging its power into daily activities.

The Art, Science and Technology of Modern Public Speaking

Leveraging forty years of professional experience on stage; in front of and behind the camera; from keynote to mc to panelist to moderator to educator to entertainer to producer; you will learn the art and science of public speaking. Using personal, professional and academic design experiences for more than two decades you will learn the power of design in the crafting and presentation of your message. Having been actively involved with the digital world since its early days you will get first-hand insights into the evolution and practical application of using current technology to support and enhance the delivery of your spoken message.

Social Media is for You

Social Media / Digital Marketing is for you. With almost 20 decades in the field and direct experience and connection to the world's premiere experts; this talk will give you philosophical, strategic and tactical aspects of using social media/digital marketing in any context.

Stepping Into the Light: The Power of Female Prominence

Format: 45-60 minute KeynoteThis program is perfect for: Top level female executives, entrepreneurs and experts The audience will leave with: strong motivational call to action examples of strong brand representation how to step up your game practical steps to increase visibility When we step out of the shadows of our work, life or relationships something magic happens; we shine. Never has it been so critical for women, in particular, to share their experience of life growing up female. Never has it been more of a pressing issue to share messages of support and experience for guidance with the sisterhood for the good of each other and for the good of the world. It is time to step into your power and generate solutions for a better world; recommendations for improved life quality and experience to share life. I have been researching and applying this program for decades with great personal and professional results for myself, as well as a range of clients with whom I have worked across nationalities. No more hiding. The world needs you. inspirational / life-changing educational / informative audience activity



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


0 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Articles (1)

Why Solo Entrepreneurs Desperately Need To Prioritize Wellness Training


Lori Webb

Article on entrepreneur wellness.

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