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Luther Trey Denton - Georgia Southern University. Statesboro, GA, US

Luther Trey Denton Luther Trey Denton

Professor | Georgia Southern University


Trey Denton is an expert in global marketing and consumer behavior.


Trey Denton joined the Faculty of Georgia Southern University in 1992. He currently holds the rank of professor of marketing. In addition to his duties as professor, he is currently the Coordinator of the Parker College of Business Honors Office and serves on the Georgia Southern University Honors Faculty Advisory Council.

Trey has conducted corporate training, marketing, and/or strategic planning sessions for many companies and organizations including Sea Island Bank, Crider Foods, BSC-America, Georgia Pacific, Willingway Hospital, the Chatham County Public Health Department, Eagle Bank, Fokker Aerotron, Hercules, IKEA, Carson Products, JCB, Robbins Smokehouse, Frederica Academy, the Averitt Center for the Arts, Friends of Georgia Libraries, Hollingsworth and Vose, Savannah Technical College-Effingham, and Leadership Southeast Georgia. Between 1999 and 2006, Trey served as the Chair of the Georgia Southern Strategic Planning Council, the group charged with creating and guiding the strategic planning processes of Georgia Southern University. He was a member of the SACSCOC Leadership Team that facilitated Georgia Southern’s successful reaffirmation in 2007. His research appears in journals such as the International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Marketing Education, Marketing Education Review, Journal of Management, Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, International Journal of Commerce and Management, Journal of Management Education, and the Journal of Transportation Management.

Areas of Expertise (3)

Consumer Behavior

International Marketing


Accomplishments (5)

Honorary Faculty Induction Golden Key International (professional)

Honor Society. Awarded, 2017.

GSU Award for Excellence in Contributions in Service (professional)

Awarded, 2016-2017.

College of Business Martin NeSmith Award for Excellence in Service (professional)

Awarded, 2015.

GSU Outstanding Advocate for First Year Students (professional)

Awarded, 2011.

Jane White Marketing Scholar Award (professional)

Awarded, 2010.

Education (3)

The University of Georgia: Ph.D., Marketing 1991

Emory University: M.B.A., Marketing 1986

Emory University: B.A., Psychology 1982

Media Appearances (1)

Search for next GS president launched

Stateboro Herald  


Luther “Trey” Denton, Ph.D., a professor of marketing, said the committee would take “a lot of heat on campus” if it chose a fully confidential process. But he also noted that he had been involved in two of the last three presidential searches and said that in all three searches combined, only one sitting president was brought to campus as a candidate.

“Not many people dropped out of our searches, but there weren’t any presidents,” Denton said.

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Articles (5)

The impact of personalization and compatibility with past experience on e-banking usage International Journal of Bank Marketing

Luther Trey Denton


Banks and financial services providers are increasingly delivering their services via electronic banking, also known as e-banking. Yet even though this type of delivery is now common, the degree of personalization in the services provided via this channel exhibit considerable variation. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of service personalization on consumer reaction to the e-banking service. Based on research of information and communication technology (ICT) service innovation and the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model, this study further examines one contingent factor, compatibility with previous experience with e-banking. This study focuses on the interactions effect of personalization and technology compatibility on customer e-banking service usage.

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EWOM Watchdogs: Ego-Threatening Product Domains and the Policing of Positive Online Reviews Psychology and Marketing

Lindsay R.L. Larson, Luther Trey Denton


Suspicion regarding dishonest electronic word-of-mouth is a growing concern for consumers online. Individual consumers are occasionally seen acting as product review forum "watchdogs" within the websites they visit, posting vigilante comments against reviews they perceive to be fraudulent. This multimethod set of studies investigates consumer "watchdog comments," and the way in which ego-threatening product categories themselves may actually induce a prosecutorial mindset, leading to greater levels of suspicion toward positive online product reviews and the impulse to prosecute potential fraudsters. In Study 1, laboratory-induced ego threat increased punitive severity against the act of falsifying online product reviews. In Study 2, a content analysis of actual Amazon.com reviews and consumer commentary indicates that the occurrence of watchdog comments is more common within ego-threatening product categories.

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Incivility in Academe: What if the Instigator Is a High Performer? Journal of Management Policy and Practice

Luther Trey Denton


This analysis of workplace incivility focuses on instigators who are high performers, but have a negative effect on morale. We explore antecedents, manifestations, and consequences associated with these instigators, whom we label “High Performing Instigators.” This qualitative study indicates that HPIs are common in academe and engage in a broad spectrum of uncivil behaviors. The consequences of HPI behavior result in losses for all involved – loss of respect, time, emotional energy, and morale. One important finding is that there seems to be no change in HPI behavior in academe when comparing preand post-tenure status of faculty identified as HPI.

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Cross-Cultural Experiential Simulation in the Global Marketing Classroom Bafa-Bafa and Its Variants Marketing Education Review

Luther Trey Denton


This paper reviews the use of the Bafa-Bafa Cross-Cultural Simulation in the Global Marketing classroom. Bafa-Bafa is a powerful experiential cultural simulation designed to encourage exploration of cross-cultural interaction. Its primary strength is its ability, in an artificially manipulated safe and fun environment, to engender the strong feelings associated with being part of one culture and then being forced to interact with another. Variants of the simulation are presented that reduce the time requirements, simplify the simulation, and accommodate large classes.

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The art of gift giving in China Business Horizons

Luther Trey Denton


Ethically cultivating business relationships in China is an art, fraught with cultural meaning, and Western marketers need practical recommendations to help them grasp the process of gift giving as part of it. Incorporating four indigenous Chinese values, gift giving is a signifier of renqing (appropriate emotion), a demonstration of li (social courtesy), a practice of bestowing mianzi (respect) and lian (dignity), and a process of bao (reciprocity) and guanxi (relationship building). Understanding the symbolic meanings behind giving gifts in the Chinese culture provides an advantage for Western marketers in reducing the time needed to develop mutual understanding for building trust.

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