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Lykle Schepers - HomoFaber Design. Limassol, Limassol, CY

Lykle Schepers

Owner | HomoFaber Design

Limassol, Limassol, CYPRUS

Active and engaging speaker on creativity in design or IT



Creativity has always been the main thread in my life. Throughout my life and career I have been using my creativity. This ranges from finding the best solution for an IT problem to a way to fix the bump steer on my race car.
Because of this I have been facinated by the concept of creativity. How does it work (for me) and how can I use that knowledge to maximise my creativity.
It has led me to changing the way I approach problems and how I go about solving them.
I am an active and easy speaker, I enjoy speaking in public and manage to find ways to engage the audience and draw them into the subject I am presenting on.

Industry Expertise (4)



IT Services/Consulting

Computer Software

Areas of Expertise (3)



Mistakes Not to Make

Accomplishments (2)

Managed and designed a website for elections (professional)

Managed the team and designed the process for a website that would allow voting via the Internet. This created many a contradiction in the sense that it had to be open access, but totally secure. The votes had to be auditable and tracable, but totally anonymous. This was a very hard project to do and I learned a lot of things I did not want to know.

Designed and built my own car (personal)

I have designed and built my own car. Started with a clean sheet of paper and in 7 years time designed and built One, a street legal, approved car with a great character and roadholding.

Education (1)

Technical Colledge HTS: Mechanical engineering 1979

Sample Talks (2)

One, a personal car

This is a talk on the design and build process of One, a truely personal car. It is a car I designed and built myself and managed to get road legal. The creative process runs through the talk as a constant thread.

Career and Creativity

What is the relationship between career and creativity. How do the two influence each other? What are the advantages and dangers involved? This short talk, about 30 minutes, will highlight some of the factors involved and describe ways of managing the two.



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*Will consider certain engagements for no fee