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Lynne Hartnett, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Lynne Hartnett, PhD

Associate Professor and Chair of History | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Villanova University


Lynne Hartnett, PhD, is an expert on Russian history, protest movements, and refugees and political exile.



Lynne Hartnett, PhD Publication




Grappling with Putin's Russia | The Agenda Russia’s Northern Window on Europe


Areas of Expertise (7)

Protest Movements

Political Exile

History of Revolution


Russian History


History of Authoritarianism


Lynne Hartnett is an associate professor of history at Villanova University, where she has taught courses on Russian history and the social and political histories of Europe since 2002. Prior to joining Villanova, Hartnett spent a semester teaching a course on "Russian Women in the Modern Age" at Lehigh University.

She was the director of Russian area studies at Villanova from 2008-2015 and is currently the director of the graduate program in history. Her expertise has been featured in multiple publications and public engagements, and she has served as a presenter at numerous conferences in the United State and Europe.

Hartnett has contributed two courses for "The Great Courses," titled, "Understanding Russia: A Cultural History," and "The Great Revolutions of Modern History," as well as published the book "The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: Surviving the Russian Revolution," a biography of a Russian noblewoman turned revolutionary terrorist who lived through the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

Education (3)

Boston College: PhD, History 2000

Providence College: M.A. 1993

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: B.A. 1989

Select Media Appearances (5)

Not End Of Story: Some Russia Watchers Skeptical After Putin Comments On Prigozhin Plane Crash

International Business Times  


Lynne Hartnett, chairperson of Villanova University's Department of History, told IBT that if she was a betting person, she'd put her money on the fact that the Russian warlord was dead. "It has been hard to imagine that he would be permitted to resume life as he knew it," she said.

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Navalny will miss the Oscars red carpet, but his courage is on display

The Washington Post  online


On Sunday, as Hollywood’s elite pose for photographers on their way into the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, the star of one film will be conspicuously absent: Alexei Navalny, who will spend the evening not on the red carpet but in Penal Colony 2, just east of Moscow.

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Catherine the Great letter urging mass inoculation sells at auction

The World  radio


Russian empress Catherine the Great wrote a letter on April 20, 1787 stating the importance of the people getting inoculated against smallpox. The letter sold for over $1 million at auction on December 1, 2021.

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Shaving Russia

History This Week Podcast  online


Lynne Hartnett, PhD, associate professor of history at Villanova University, joins the "History This Week Podcast" to discuss Tsar Peter the Great and the first step toward Russian geopolitical power.

Media Appearance Image

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Commentary: The most dangerous Russian connection

The Philadelphia Inquirer  


Lynne Hartnett, PhD, associate professor of history at Villanova University, assesses the events of 1917 ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. She finds insights and connections applicable to contemporary concerns.

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