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Marc Clauson, Ph.D. - Cedarville University. Cedarville, OH, US

Marc Clauson, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Law | Cedarville University


Specializes in Legal topics, Constitutional law cases, Policy issues (e. g., health care, environment, etc.), Political philosophy




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Why First GOP Health Care Plan Will Die Politically Wise Radio Show Previewing Biden's First State of the Union Address Supporting Ukraine Stimulus Surplus




Prior to coming to Cedarville, Dr. Clauson served as Assistant Commissioner, Department of Finance and Administration, State of West Virginia; and County Administrator, Wayne County, West Virginia. His research interests include intellectual history, history of political and economic thought, church history, the history of philosophical and theological anthropology in relation to political thought, markets and social justice, and constitutionalism. He is a member of the American Political Science Association, Southern Economic Association, Values and Capitalism Forum of the American Enterprise Institute, History of Science Society, and is a Fellow with the Nehemiah Institute. Dr. Clauson is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Industry Expertise (6)


Political Organization



Writing and Editing

Religious Institutions

Areas of Expertise (7)

Legal Topics

Constitutional Law Cases

Policy Issues

Political Philosophy

Economic Philosophy

Political and Economic Issues

Integration of Christian Worldview and Politics

Education (6)

University of the Orange Free State: Ph.D., Intellectual History and Policy

West Virginia University: J.D., Law

Liberty University: Th.M., Reformation Historical Theology

Liberty University: M.A., Church History (Early and Patristic)

Marshall University: M.A., Political Science

Marshall University: B.S., Physics

Affiliations (4)

  • Nehemiah Institute
  • History of Science Society
  • Values and Capitalism Forum
  • American Political Science Association

Media Appearances (7)

Is Kavanaugh the Best Pick?



Is Kavanaugh the Best Pick? Dr. Marc Clauson weighs in on the discussion with WRGT TV.

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And Trump's Selection Will Be...

WTTE TV Columbus  tv


Dr. Marc Clauson joins WTTE TV Columbus to talk about President Trump's selection for SCOTUS,

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Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban



The United States Supreme Court upheld the travel ban by President Trump. Dr. Marc Clauson shares his thoughts with WSYX TV Columbus.

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Viewing Trade Wars from Different Perspectives



Dr. Marc Clauson offers his thoughts on the trade wars with Canada.

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CU Profs Featured in Ohio Magazine

Xenia Daily Gazette  


The honorees include Rebecca Gryka, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences; Marc Clauson, Ph.D., professor of history and law; Mark Gathany, Ph.D., associate professor of biology; Tim Norman, Ph.D., professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering; and Michelle Wood, Ph.D., associate professor of English...

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Candidates to Face Off in First Presidential Debate



Marc Clauson, professor of history and law at Cedarville, concurred, saying that he believes that Trump will attack if provoked. As to the moderators of the upcoming debates, Clauson has his doubts, stating that they seem biased on the surface. Smith suggested that the task of being a debate moderator is quite difficult, as members of a party typically dislike a moderator that is tough on their candidate...

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Expert Reflects on Second GOP Debate



Dr. Marc Clauson of Cedarville University sat down to talk with our Mark Allen on FIVE on 2. Clauson says it was an endurance contest and he thought the length hurt the candidates in getting their messages across. “Carly Fiorino was masterful. She said exactly what needed to be said to attract conservatives,” said Dr. Clauson...

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Articles (2)

A history of the idea of "God's law" (theonomy): its origins, development and place in political and legal thought

The Edwin Mellen Press

2002 This book addresses the idea that the judicial law of God, as found in the Old Testament of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, has a place in legal and political thought and practice, as well as economic thought, and has advanced in various forms since the beginning of Christianity, and previously, during the period of the Hebrew Commonwealth. This work traces the Theonomic movement and its ideas from its roots in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries into its modern form, placing Theonomy in context of legal, political, and economic philosophy.

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A study of Scottish hermeneutical method from John Knox to the early Twentieth Century: from Christian to secular

The Edwin Mellen Press

2002 This work examines the evolution of Scottish hermeneutical method from John Knox to the early 20th century, showing how the method was transformed from a Primitivism (a term borrowed from the history of ideas) to "historical consciousness" as represented by the higher critical method. This work examines the whole "big picture" of transformation based on the "paradigm shift" or presuppositions from the primitivism of John Knox and others to the Enlightenment-based historical-critical method.

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