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Marc Dangeard - Sony Corporation of America. Sunnyvale, CA, US

Marc Dangeard Marc Dangeard

Network Services Strategist | Sony Corporation of America


Entrepreneur and network weaver, promoting the raise of a virtual Silicon Valley


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Computer Software

Social Media


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Virtual Silicon Valley

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Changing the global economy through entrepreneurship

Growing startups requires 3 components: people (networks),
education/mentorship, and money. Traditionally incubation has been a
local business, trying to bring the ingredients together in a given
region: universities to attract or produce competent resources, banks
and investors to fuel business growth, and networking organizations to
mix all these people up.

Now that the cost of communication has gone down to zero, there is
also an emergence of entrepreneur networks that span across the world.
These networks are organized around specific events or programs, and
they are changing the way we can (and should) organize businesses:
they bring new opportunities for knowledge sharing, new opportunities
for executing on ideas and new opportunities for fundraising. Event
formats are being picked up in various locations, mentoring programs
are reproduced around the world, and resources to execute are also
recruited from around the world.
Businesses born in these environments are organized from the get-go as
global businesses, and they have the ability to optimize resources

The trend is clear, and entrepreneurs who understand it will have a
massive impact on the global economy.