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Marc Gallicchio, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova , PA, US

Marc Gallicchio, PhD

Professor and Mary M. Birle Chair in History | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Villanova University


Marc Gallicchio, PhD, is an expert on World War II, U.S. foreign relations, East Asia, modern military history and modern U.S. history.



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Areas of Expertise (5)


Modern Military History

U.S. Foreign Policy

Modern U.S. History

World War II


Dr. Gallichio's personal knowledge of Japan, having twice taught there as a J. William Fulbright Lecturer, has given him invaluable firsthand insight into the once mighty empire's place in history -- past, present and future. His knowledge of modern military history, with an emphasis on Japan's role in World War II, as well as the post-World War II East Asian conflicts that continue to shape international relations to the present day are Gallichio's specalties.

Education (3)

Temple University: PhD

The Pennsylvania State University: MA

Temple University: BA

Select Media Appearances (4)

Op-ed: Tired of Long Complicated Wars with Tough Choices?

History News Network  


As the Trump administration prepares to send more troops to Afghanistan and considers how to respond to North Korean provocations, pundits and military experts evaluating those situations have struggled to assess when the costs of military intervention outweigh its potential achievements. In the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq U.S. General David Petraeus put this query rather more pointedly: “Tell me how this ends?”

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Endgame in the Pacific

The Wall Street Journal  


In April 1945, as German troops surrendered en masse to American forces wheeling through the Ruhr Valley, news from the western Pacific seemed equally hopeful: Landings on the island of Okinawa had been largely unopposed. ... This startling, nearly forgotten story is well documented in “Implacable Foes,” a valuable and revealing study by Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio, historians at San Diego State and Villanova, respectively.

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Op-ed: Today’s the Anniversary of R-Day! What, You Don’t Know What that Is?

History News Network  


Earlier this week the United States and Europe marked the seventy-second anniversary of V-E Day, Victory in Europe, with mostly low-keyed ceremonies and announcements. Today, a date that was of equal or even greater importance for GIs will probably slip by with even less notice. We are referring to May 12, R-Day, for redeployment and readjustment, the day when GIs in Europe and the Pacific Theater learned if they had accumulated enough points to be sent home.

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Recalling D-Day: 'The high ground was won'

The Intelligencer  


He saw them fall — seeing so many men die so fast that the vision still haunts him 70 years later. First came the drownings. Troops, doomed by the overloaded packs on their backs, plunged into too-deep water as they stepped from their ships’ landing ramps off Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. “Those poor guys never had a chance,” said Peter Rossetti, an Upper Southampton resident who served as a Navy quartermaster. … Villanova University history professor Marc Gallicchio said the Normandy invasion was planned with multiple landings on different beaches so that if one failed, it would not automatically ruin the operation’s overall chances for success, but it would have made it even more difficult.

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Research Grants (4)

Special Research Grant

Villanova University 


Research Fellow for the Japan Foundation-National Security Archive Project on Power and Prosperity

Linkages Between Security and Economics in American-Japanese Relations 

1997 - 2000

Research Grant

American Philosophical Society 


Fellowship for Advanced Research

U.S. Military History Institute 


Select Academic Articles (3)

World War II in Historical Memory (Book Chapter)

Blackwell Companion to World War II


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Truman, Unconditional Surrender, and a New Deal for Japan (Book Chapter)

The Legacy of Harry S. Truman in East Asia: Japan, China, and the Two Koreas


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African Americans and the Asia Pacific War (Book Chapter)

The Asia Pacific War. volume 3, Mobilization, Resistance and Collaboration