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Marc Stoiber - Consultant. Vancouver, BC, CA

Marc Stoiber

Creative Director / Brand Strategist | Consultant

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

The Futureproof Brand Expert



Marc Stoiber is a creative director, entrepreneur, green brand specialist and writer. He works with clients to build resilient, futureproof brands.

Marc's leadership positions have included VP of Green Innovation at Maddock Douglas, President and Founder of Change Advertising, National Creative Director of Grey Canada and Creative Director of DDB Toronto.

He has helped two ad agencies rise from obscurity to market prominence, and his work has been recognized by virtually every international industry award for advertising and design.

Marc writes on brand innovation for Huffington Post, Fast Company, GreenBiz and Sustainable Life Media. He also speaks on the subject from coast to coast, and has been featured at TED.

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Areas of Expertise (5)

Futureproof Brands

Creating Green Innovation

Green Brand Leadership

Out of the Jar Thinking

Building Platforms for Great Ideas

Education (1)

University of Calgary: BA, English 1988

Affiliations (2)

  • Board of Change
  • Sustainable Cities International

Testimonials (5)

Marc MacArthur, President, Canadian Cleantech Summit | Canadian Cleantech Summit

“Marc delivered his keynote presentation at the Canadian Cleantech Summit with passion and clarity. No one in the audience was left unaffected and people are still talking about it. Great job!”

Beth Johnson, Chair | Sustainable Cities International

“Marc is a creative director, writer, innovator, brand strategist and entrepreneur. He is in the process of building a brand for Sustainable Cities International, and his creativity and insight are remarkable.His passion is building brands that people remember, that boost the bottom line, and that make the world a better place. He 'gets it'.”

Peter Ter Weeme, President | Junxion Strategy

“Marc is a strategic and creative resource who has developed a strong understanding of green branding and the insights required to reach consumers. He's an engaging presenter to boot!”

Heidi Ehlers, President | Black Bag Creative

“I wish someone would bottle Marc's enthusiasm and sell it. I would be the first one in line. Refreshing and disarmingly open, Marc is one of a kind. He gets it. He knows how to distill layers of noise to get to the essence of any communication - which is always the most fun, inspiring and engaging way to work with anyone.”

Raphael Louis Vitton, President | Maddock Douglas

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” (source: Maya Angelou) - I remember always feeling very alive when I'm with Marc...guaranteed to make me laugh (alot)...he inspires me with his energy, creativity, charisma & work ethic.”

Event Appearances (3)


TEDx  Vancouver



Canadian Cleantech Conference  Ottawa



North American Green Building Conference  Birmingham


Sample Talks (1)

Green Brand Leadership

North America and Europe are in a state of innovation stagnation. Climate change has become a negative, highly political issue. And green brands have failed to deliver the goods. So how does a leader navigate this chaos to build a strong brand? How does he break through to consumers who are cycnical, indifferent and scared? How does he justify the risk of incorporating green into his brand? Stoiber explores the state of green innovation, how to find ‘green space’ for a brand to succeed in, and how to break through to an indifferent consumer.



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  • Author Appearance


5000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee