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Marcus A. Coleman - Tulane University. New Orleans, LA, US

Marcus A. Coleman

Professor of Practice | Department of Economics | Tulane University


Marcus A. Coleman is an expert in agriculture, local food systems, urban agriculture and food access.









Marcus A. Coleman is a Professor of Practice at Tulane University with a joint appointment in the Department of Economics and the Strategy, Leadership, and Analytics Minor. Coleman is an experienced educator whose career is defined by a mixture of agriculture, food system, and student engagement roles. Growing up in Louisiana’s rural Mississippi River Delta region, Coleman was introduced early on to the disproportionate nature of the food system structure that often defines socially disadvantaged rural communities, which can lead to issues of accessibility, availability, and affordability related to food. These experiences led to Coleman’s interest in fostering equitable and sustainable food systems, via leadership development and community engagement, that are inclusively beneficial to all, economically, socially, environmentally, and politically. He received a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Southern University, an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in Agriculture and Extension Education from Louisiana State University.

Areas of Expertise (6)



Sustainable Agriculture

Food Systems Economics

Sustainable food systems

Equitable Food Systems

Education (3)

Louisiana State University: Doctor of Philosophy, Agriculture and Extension Education 2021

Michigan State University: Master of Science, Agriculture Economics 2008

Southern University: Bachelor of Science, Agriculture Economics 2006

Affiliations (7)

  • Faculty Advisory Committee, Environmental Studies Program, Tulane University
  • Chief Strategist, Growing Sustainable Systems, LLC
  • Member, Racial Equity in the Food System Workgroup.
  • Board Member, Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming (Ithaca, NY)
  • Board Member, Ag Launch
  • Board Member, Big River Economic and Agricultural Development Alliance (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Past Chair, SERA-47, Strengthening extension and research support for food systems needs and priorities.

Media Appearances (4)

Talking Business: Economist Marcus Coleman asks if we rely too much on the Mississippi River

Nola.com | The New Orleans Advocate  


Marcus Coleman is a professor in Tulane University's economics department who sums up his academic and policy interest as "equity in food systems." Having grown up in a rural area in northeast Louisiana's Mississippi River Delta region, his main geographic area of interest are the cotton, rice, sugar cane and other farmlands of his home state.

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Black farmers rethink Mississippi Delta's potential as climate change ravages California

USA Today  online


When Marcus A. Coleman was in the agricultural economics graduate program at Michigan State University, several of his colleagues studied farming in the developing world. Coleman realized the problems they wanted to solve were the same ones found an hour away in Detroit. They were the same issues Coleman saw growing up in a small, predominantly Black town in the Louisiana corner of the Mississippi Delta. Coleman, now a professor at Tulane University, decided to focus his research closer to home.

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Your Thanksgiving meal in Louisiana likely costs more this year. Here's why

WWNO - NPR  radio


Dr. Marcus Coleman, a visiting assistant professor at Tulane University with an academic background in agricultural economics, has observed this trend both on a personal level and on a macro scale.

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On Their Ends: Years of flooding and catastrophic storms have Louisiana's seafood industry on the brink

Gambit | Nola.com  online


Marcus Coleman, an assistant professor at Tulane University who specializes in food systems, says the state is already seeing short-term effects on seafood supply from the storm and that the industry will be dealing with long-term effects for the foreseeable future.

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Research Focus (7)

Short-Term Financial and Marketing Impact Assessment of COVID-19: Opportunities for Extension-based Support

Frelier, J., Bampasidou, M., Motsenbocker, C., & Coleman, M.A. (2023). Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents, 16(1).



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“Growing” Sustainable Horticulture Farmers

Coleman, M.A.; Bampasidou, M.; & Motsenbocker, C.E. (2022). Journal of Food Distribution Research, 53 (1).


Journal of Food Distribution Research

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COVID-19 and Marketing Challenges for Food Producers in Louisiana

Bampasidou, M., Frelier, J., Coleman, M.A., & Motsenbocker, C. (2022). Journal of Food Distribution Research, 53 (1).


Journal of Food Distribution Research

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Assessing the educational needs of new and beginning urban farmers in New Orleans, Louisiana

Coleman, M.A.; Bampasidou, M.; Motsenbocker, C.E.; McKinzie, W.R. (2021). Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents, 14(1).


Journal of NACAA

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Understanding Consumer Preferences for Nutritious Foods: Retailing Strategies in a Food Desert.

Weatherspoon, D.D., Oehmke, J.F., Coleman, M.A., & Weatherspoon, L.J.

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. Volume 17, Special Issue A.

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Price and Expenditure Elasticities for Fresh Fruits in an Urban Food Desert.

Weatherspoon, D.D., Oehmke, J.F., Dembele, A.S., Coleman, M.A., Satimanon, T., & Weatherspoon, L.J.

Sage Journals

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Will Long Term Food Desert Consumers Purchase Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?

Weatherspoon, D.D., Oehmke, J.F., Coleman, M.A., Dembele, A., & Weatherspoon, L.J.



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