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Margie Thomas - M.A.T. Consulting, Inc.. Lebanon, IN, US

Margie Thomas

CEO/President | M.A.T. Consulting, Inc.


Taming the Chaos in Your Organization to improve productivity and employee moral.





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As President of M.A.T. Consulting, Margie combines her management experience (since 1983) with her experience in training and facilitation (since 1993) to help organizations learn how to tame the chaos. Drawing from her degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University, she continues to study and work with the complex scientific processes of communications that make organizations thrive.

You will receive a personalized, strategic process and specific communications techniques to enhance leadership skills and job performance. Margie offers a variety of venues to learn her tools including conference keynotes, full-day seminars, workshops, executive retreats, on-site consultation and resource learning products
She is a contributing author of the book is titled Real World Team Building Strategies that Work.

Quick Facts About Margie:
• Is one of less than 400 individuals worldwide that has received the Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) designation from the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).
• Earned her Certified Training Consultant (CTC) from Ball State University.
• Authorized as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Trainer and is an Inscape Publishing trainer and distributor.
• Certified Women Business Enterprise.
• Facilitated a multi-agency State of Indiana team that developed and implemented a Small Purchase Process.
• Communication and team skills trainer in government, manufacturing, not-for-profit, insurance, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
• Consulted, facilitated, and trained the City of Indianapolis’ Division of Compliance (now the Department of Code Enforcement) from 2002-2009 in implementing their “Service Delivery Plan”, reorganizing , and other improvement activities.
• Is a graduate of Indiana University with a double BA in Biology and Chemistry.
• Was a member of the National Speaker Association and served in a variety of capacities at the national level and is a past President of the Indiana Chapter

Industry Expertise (4)

Training and Development

Corporate Leadership

Professional Training and Coaching

Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise (7)

How to Work With Angry People

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Personal Listening Profile

Team Development

Disc Profile

Consultative Approach to Problem Solving

Facilitator Skills for Managers and Team Leaders

Accomplishments (13)

Best In Class 2009 - PCMA (professional)

PCMA has identified top presenters from our 2009 Annual Meeting to be included in the Best in Class Program.

Mrs. Boone County (personal)

An award presented annually to a women in Boone County, IN, for their continued volunteer service to the community.

Environmental Impact Award - Indiana Department of Environmental Management (professional)

For participation in the Operation Planning Task Force Program.

Facilitator Ceritification to train Principle Centered Leadership (professional)

Authorized to train Principle Centered Leadership

Facilitator Certification of First Things First (professional)

Authorize to train First Things First

Facilitator Ceritification for Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (professional)

Authorized to train Seven Habits Training

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator (professional)

Authorized to present MBTI programs.

Master Facilitator of EPA (professional)

ODI training to train facilitators.

Facilitator (professional)

Completed the facilitator training through ODI

Certificate of Excellence (professional)

For successful facilitation of the State of Indiana Procurement Team.

Exceptional Service Aware (professional)

Given byt the National Environmental Performance Partnership Systems team, Indianapolis, IN for going above and beyond the call of duty in contributing to an exceptional team effort which lead to the FY98-99 Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement between Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the US EPA.

Certified Training Counsultant (professional)

Ball State University's Center for Organizational Resources will sponsor the Certified Training Consultant (CTC) Institute, designed to help people acquire effective consulting skills to work for corporations, government organizations and nonprofit businesses.

Certified Professional Facilitator (professional)

This certification is managed by the International Association of Facilitators. The assessment process is based on rigorous peer review of knowledge, experience and demonstration of skills. The IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator designation indicates attainment of these core competencies. The professional facilitator designation offers clients an assurance that those who are certified are qualified to design and provide basic group facilitation services.

Education (1)

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN: Double BA, Biology and Chemistry 1981

Affiliations (2)

  • SGMP
  • NACG

Event Appearances (15)


Team Dimensions Training - Management Training  Gary, IN



Zonta International Area 4 Meeting  Indianapolis, IN



LTAP Meeting for Purdue University  Lafayette, IN



Association of Indiana Counties  Fort Wayne, IN



St. Francis Health Services Staff Training  Indianapolis, IN



State Farm - Fall Planning Meeting (Northern Indiana)  Indiana



Strategic Planning - Pink Ribbon Connection   Indianapolis, IN



MBTI Training  San Antonio, TX



MBTI   San Antonio, TX



PCMA West Canada Chapter meeting  Vancouver, Canada



Elkhart Truth Annual Executive Planning Retreat  Michigan



PCMA Chicago Chapter Meeting  Chicago< IL



PCMA Annual Meeting   New Orleans, Louisianna



PCMA Kansas City Chapter Meeting  Kansas City, MO



Indiana SGMP Meeting  Indianapolis, IN


Sample Talks (5)

Listen Up! Your Focus Could Be Costing You

Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace. And effective listening is crucial to communicating productivity inside the organization and meeting the competitive challenges outside the organization. The Personal Listening Profileï¾® helps people become active, purposeful listeners in wide variety of situation for more productive communication. It is estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70% of all communications. The biggest factor contributing to such miscommunication is our listening approach. Objectives: * Learn how different listening approaches impact listening and communication effectiveness. * Improve your ability to understand the purpose of different communications styles and use the listening approach appropriate to the situation. * Overcome listening barriers and capitalize on your listening strengths.

How to Work With Angry People

Working With Angry People is a training program that provides you with the essential information and skills needed to help you deal with conflict in your personal and professional life. This program will help you respond to anger in others, especially when it's directed personally. You will understand how to manage your own anger, and you will learn to recognize and deal with someone who challenges a value such as fairness, trust, integrity, etc. You will also learn what to do when someone sees the facts differently than you. And finally, you will gain a basic understanding of how to manage conflict in others when you are in a third party role. Working With Angry People is designed for you to actively participate with your peers in the training workshop. This training program encourages you to improve your knowledge and skills by integrating your work-related situations into the workshop. Learning Objectives: * Working With an Angry Person. * Identifying Poor Responses to Anger. * Managing Your Own Emotions. * Using Key Listening Acknowledgments. * Dealing with Challenges to Values. * Resolving Differences in Facts. * Managing Conflict in a Third Party Role.

How to Deal With Conflict in Your Changing Environment

Conflict is normal. This workshop provides a forum for participants to see through the fear, anger, and frustration of conflict to the opportunities and potential for constructive outcomes. The powerful Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) model demonstrates that conflict-handling behaviors are neither good nor bad. Rather, conflict resolution is simply a matter of expanding skill sets and choosing the most effective conflict mode for a particular situation. The forced-choice, self-scorable TKI inventory provides individual information about one's conflict-handling style compared to five distinct modes: * Competing * Avoiding * Compromising * Collaborating * Accommodating L earning Objectives: * Identify the 5 different modes for dealing with conflict. Participants learn which is their prefered mode and when it might not be effect. * Learn the skills and approaches involved with each mode. Develop an awareness of the conflict modes of others. * How to choose the mode to fit the situation. Assess the conflict situation and choose the appropriate mode.

Why is Teamwork So Hard?

Finding Mutual Solutions For Competing Interests Competing and conflicting interests have always challenged members of teams. What happens when the focus is on quick fixes instead of managing the complexity and nuances of interpersonal relationships? Teams fail. Learn how to manage the underlying conflicts for mutual solutions. Discover how to: Adjust your listening style to fit the situation Establish a common goal and priority for a project Get the right people around the table, focused on the real issue to develop practical solutions Develop a system to gain buy-in from employees, customers, and key decision-makers

Listen Up! Your Focus Could Be Costing You

Organizations have always known that success depends on people communicating effectively, contributing not only to the bottom line but to a positive performance environment. Successful organizations also know that good communication is not just about speaking well. It's about the quality of the connection between the senders and the receivers of the message. The strongest influence on the quality and outcome of all communications is the ability to listen effectively. Only by listening effectively can you respond appropriately. The Personal Listening Profile® helps individuals understand how to listen more effectively in a variety of situations. It is useful in many applications, including customer service, presentation skills, conflict resolution, and team building. Discover the Impact of Different Listening Approaches Behavioral research shows that people approach listening with different purposes and with different motivations related to that purpose. The Personal Listening Profile helps people discover their preferred or most natural approach to listening as they gain insight into the different listening approaches of others. The Personal Listening Profile identifies five listening approaches: • Appreciative • Empathic • Comprehensive • Discerning • Evaluative Adopt an Appropriate Listening Approach The Personal Listening Profile also helps people see that their preferred listening approach may not be appropriate to every situation. They learn when and how to adopt another listening approach for more successful communication. It outlines three primary factors to consider in choosing the listening approach appropriate to the situation: Purpose, Motivation, and Behavioral Indicators. Enhance Individual and Team Performance Organizations use the Personal Listening Profile to: • enhance communication • reduce conflict • strengthen customer relationships • develop leaders • improve management effectiveness • boost productivity



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3500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee