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Margo Kirtikar Phd - Entrepreneur. VEVEY, VD, CH

Margo Kirtikar Phd Margo Kirtikar Phd

Speaker / Coach / Trainer /Facilitator | Entrepreneur


Self Development/ Consciousness Evolution / Mind Empowerment / Spiritual Training



I am a born Entrepreneur, Author, Consciousness and Awareness Trainer, Coach, Visionary and Artist. One of my books on Cosmic and Universal Laws was an Amazon bestseller in 2011. I am multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi faceted because of my background. I was born and raised in the Middle East, liberal Christian parents, French education, and later a Swiss and American education. I came to the west London/Zurich/New York when I was 20. I lived and traveled all over the western and far eastern continents extensively.I was active in the international business world for over 20 years, was based in the US and in Europe. In 1990 I decided to leave the business world behind me to complete my studies in Leadership and I received my Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics and focused on helping people with self development and consciousness awareness. My mission is to empower people through consciousness and awareness training, as we go through the cosmic and earth evolutionary shift in the 21st century, when the human family is collectively challenged to de-condition themselves from everything that is familiar and known and to re-discover the inner worlds as many dimensions merge and secret worlds are finally exposed.I believe that we can all without exception with the right training surpass our limitations to become fully empowered beings. I am based presently near Geneva in Switzerland. I am an informal speaker and with my talks I would like to introduce you to new horizons and explain how you can benefit personally and professionally. Everyone on all levels can benefit from my talks.

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Health and Wellness

Professional Training and Coaching

Training and Development

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Consciousness & Self Awareness

Health & Wellness

Intuition & Abstract Mind

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Bestseller Author (professional)

author of 6 books on consciousness and spiritual self development (professional)

BSC in International Relations and leadership BSC, MSC and PHD in the Science of metaphysics Diplomas in Management, Marketing, International Banking, Counseling.

Education (1)

The American Institute of Holistic Theology: BSc. MSc. Ph.D. Doctorate in the Science of Metaphysics, Consciousness

BA in International Relations, Degrees in International Business, International Banking, Business Management, Counseling.

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Intuition & Abstract Mind

The 6th and the 7th Spiritual or Abstract Senses that we need to develop in order to live in the new century. We are all living and experiencing the massive changes around us worldwide, both good and bad. We know instinctively that we need to develop our senses to be more aware and more conscious so that we can be more effective as we experience these sometimes terrifying changes.With the right training this is possible for everyone.



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