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Marilyn Hanna Marilyn Hanna

Second Saturday


Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorial degrees direct from the school of Hard Knocks.


As a high school dropout and raising 2 children as a single mother my portfolio has no limits. At an early age I was enrolled in the school of hard knocks by my parents. I can remember wishing I could get a hug from my mom even as early as 3 years old. I knew she would not understand. I started parochial school at 6 years old. My prior education (School of Hard Knocks) allowed me to start as a first grader. My parents and the school determined I did not neeed kindergarden. Although I was above average at parochial school, my education at my primary school (Hard Knocks) always took presidence. There were times when on hiatus from the primary schooling I took time out to further my education at my secondary school, earning a college degree, getting two children through high schoo,l and furthering their education as well. While I was dedicated to completing my primary education I did not enroll my children in my primary school. Thery were aware of this school and understood the blessings of graduating this school. The 3 of us learned that it is not neccesary to your well being to attend the school yourself. Here begins a new generation.

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