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Mark Baker - Mark Baker International. St Mary, Jersey Channel Islands, GB

Mark Baker Mark Baker

Mark Baker International

St Mary, Jersey Channel Islands, UNITED KINGDOM

The Master of Sales and Mindset





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Growing up with mental and physical abuse throughout his entire childhood, Mark had many challenges to overcome and had an absolute zero balance in his self belief/esteem/confidence account, despite all of this he excelled at motor sport and became a champion at motorcycle racing, he realizes that he had adopted a totally different mindset in order to escape his mental limitations and went on to study the mind for over 20 years, applying what he had learned to rank officially as one of the top 1% of salespeople worldwide.
Mark had to utilise what he had learned in the most forceful way imaginable when he was diagnosed with cancer and used everything he had learned to defeat the illness we all pray we will never get and even coached and counselled other cancer patients in England on how to think in order to maximize their chances of survival.
"I believe that mindset is the most important factor in life regardless whether its for life or business, mindset is the dominant factor that ensures our success and in my case even my survival"
Mark addresses audiences world wide on what he believes are the only three essential factors to success whether its life or business... Sales Marketing and Mindset

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The Absolute Power of Mindset

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Million Dollar Round Table/ Top of the table/ top 1% salespeople worldwide (professional)


Ranked in the top 1% of sales people worldwide.

Sand racing Champion (personal)

British Championship

Highest producing company salesman (professional)


Ranked as highest producing salesman every month of every year whilst working as an independent adviser for seven years straight (entire time at company) Best ever month beat everyone's yearly sales figures

Founder member professional speaking association (professional)

The UKs first and only professional speakers association.

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Les Quennevais Sschool: none taken, socialology 1979

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  • National Speakers Association
  • Professional Speakers Association
  • Million Dollar Round Table
  • Institute of sales and marketing

Testimonials (3)

William Mc Devitt , Director | Public seminar participant

Dear Mark, Thank you for your Christmas card and I am deeply sorry to hear that you are ill. I do hope that you are getting through the Chemo' and that you become completely cured through the course of treatment (and with the right attitude, visualisation and belief - please God you will!). I've had my ups and downs like most people in the past few years, but I wanted to thank you for the course that you presented in September 2008. I've included my notes below which might help refresh your memory on the specific course. In any case the learning points that you distilled into the six lectures have been of great benefit to me in the intervening years. By your third lecture I felt this wave of possibility literally roll over me and all

Partial client list, CEO | Corporate Seminars in house

Sales training and coaching/ Mindset change coach Partial Client List Jersey Gas Fotosound/fotodigital Cleanguard Cooperative Society Corkscrew Ltd Jersey Dairy Le Quesne Pharmacies Equipment Rental Finance Dive & Ski Sessions Ltd A C Gaillie De La Salle Les Quennevais Sch Victoria College Hautlieu Sch Telecom Eirann Irish Taverners Motor

Barry Jenkins, Managing Director/Owner | Build a better business series

Outstanding seminars which have got my entire staff working as one and with renewed passion thanks to you and your outstanding efforts on our behalf

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What it really takes to succeed in life and business

worldwide/ over 1000 talks/ too many to list  worldwide/ over 1000 talks/ too many to list


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What it really takes to make it to the top in sales

I believe people are absolutely disillusioned with attending seminars looking for the magic pill that will propel them towards the success that they sincerely crave only to find that the content they couldn't wait to implement sounded great but didn't work! Everything I teach is what I have learned from the worlds best, my own insights and I applied it all to rank in the top !% worldwide. You'll be surprised, guaranteed.



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7500 to 12000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee