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Mark Bishop - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Mark Bishop

Associate Professor and Director | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Mark Bishop is an associate professor and the director of the doctor of physical therapy program.


Mark Bishop has more than 30 years of clinical and research experience in the area of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, particularly in musculoskeletal pain.

Areas of Expertise (7)

Joint-Biased Manual Therapy

Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Patient Expectations

Pain Rehabilitation

Provider Bias in Clinical Trials

Screening in Musculoskeletal Pain


Articles (4)

Low Risk for Persistent Back Pain Disability Is Characterized by Lower Pain Sensitivity and Higher Physical Performance

Physical Therapy

Katie A Butera, et. al


The STarT Back Tool (SBT) predicts risk for persistent low back pain (LBP)-related disability based on psychological distress levels. Other non-psychological factors associated with LBP, such as pain sensitivity and physical performance, may further characterize SBT-risk subgroups. The purpose of this study was to determine whether a low-risk SBT subgroup demonstrated lower pain sensitivity and/or higher physical performance compared with a medium-/high-risk SBT subgroup.

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Outcomes of Participatory Ergonomics and Self-management in Commercial Clam Farmers with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Feasibility Study

Journal of Agromedicine

Kim Dunleavy, et. al


Participatory ergonomics engages workers in the development of strategies to reduce workplace-related pain, offering a flexible and practical option to create individualized context-specific strategies. This paper describes the outcomes of a feasibility study using a participatory approach for self-management of low back pain in clam farmers. A within-subject time-control design with repeated baseline and post-intervention assessment was used.

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Physical therapists’ attitudes are associated with their confidence in and the frequency with which they engage in prescription opioid medication misuse management practices with their patients.

Substance Abuse

John (Jake) Magel, et. al


In the US, prescription opioid medication misuse (POMM) necessitates engagement of physical therapists (PTs). We evaluated the attitudes of (PT) related to their management of patients with POMM and examined the association between these attitudes and PTs confidence in POMM–related management abilities and the frequency with which they engaged in POMM–related management practices. We conducted a national survey of PTs that included a modified Drug and Drug Problems Perception Questionnaire (DDPPQ).

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Chronic lower back pain in aquaculture clam farmers: adoption and feasibility of self-management strategies introduced using a rapid prototype participatory ergonomic approach

International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

Kim Dunleavy, et. al


Lower back pain (LBP) is extremely prevalent in seafood harvesters who often have limited or no access to ergonomic consultation, occupational health support and rehabilitation services. This pilot study aimed to describe a participatory ergonomic approach and determine the feasibility and extent of adoption of self-management strategies in clam farmers with LBP. A rapid prototype participatory ergonomic approach was used to develop context-specific self-management strategies.

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