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Mark DeBeliso - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Mark DeBeliso Mark DeBeliso

Professor of Kinesiology | Southern Utah University


Focuses on sports medicine and athletic performance and the physiological effects of exercise


Dr. Mark DeBeliso is the director of the Master of Sports Conditioning program and a professor of physical education at Southern Utah University. His research focuses on sports medicine and athletic performance, as well as the physiological effects of exercise.

With a firm belief that fruitful scholarly endeavors include faculty and students across multiple disciplines, 90 percent of his scholarly efforts over the last 15 months have included student participation and co-authorship. Dr. DeBeliso's scholarly writings (journal articles, book chapters, patents, and abstracts) have appeared in numerous engineering, exercise science, health, medical, psychology, sports medicine, and sport technology journals, and his peer-reviewed publications total more than 190. He has also traveled extensively presenting his research at more than 103 national and international conferences.

Dr. DeBeliso earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Utah State University and a Ph.D. in biomechanics from Oregon State University.



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Industry Expertise (4)

Sport - Amateur



Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (18)

Sport Science Research

Common Injuries in Athletics

Stress Reduction for University Students

College Sports Medicine

Human Performance


Curriculum Development



Exercise Science

Sports Medicine

Sports Performance

Strength & Conditioning

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance in Higher Education

Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Profiling Cardiovascular Risk

Sports Performance in Crossfit Athletes

Education (2)

Oregon State University: Ph.D., Biomechanics

Utah State University: B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Accomplishments (11)

Distinguished Scholar/Creative Award (professional)

Southern Utah University, 2022.

Best Paper Award (professional)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations, July 2022.

Best Paper Award (professional)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations, May 2020.

Best Paper Award (professional)

Emerald Publishing, Emerald Literati, August 2019.

Distinguished Scholar Award (professional)

Southern Utah University, 2017

Finalist: Thunderbird Outstanding Professor of the Year (professional)

Southern Utah University, 2017

Best Paper Award (professional)

Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology, 2016

Outstanding Scholar of the Year (professional)

Southern Utah University, 2015

Best Paper Award (professional)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations, 2013

Outstanding Professor of the Year (professional)

Boise State University, 2003

Outstanding Research Award (professional)

Northwest American College of Sports Medicine, 1994

Affiliations (7)

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • International Journal of Exercise Science
  • Northwest Association of Biomedical Research
  • Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
  • Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
  • Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association Certification Committee
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association

Media Appearances (2)

SUU Earns Recognition for Best Online Master's in Sports Conditioning & Performance

SUU University News  online


Southern Utah University continues to appear in university rankings, recently ranking twelfth in the U.S. for Best Online Master’s in Sports Medicine according to Online Masters. In the same listing, SUU also received an additional award for “Best in Hands-On Training”.

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Sports Conditioning and Performance #11 in Nation

SUU News  online


“When you consider the MSSCP program is nationally recognized for educational excellence as well as a top ten fiscal value, I think people would agree that our program has a unique brand and is a true stand out,” said Mark DeBeliso, director of the MSSCP.

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Research Grants (4)

Research and Creative Activity Award

California State University Monterey Bay $6000

Metabolics of Lifting and Carrying Tasks

Wireless Education and Technology Center's Teaching and Learning with Mobile Technology Award

California State University Monterey Bay $5000

Body Monitoring: Physiological Data - Real World to the Classroom

Research Associateship

Boise State University $4500

The Effects of a Non-Linear Periodized Resistance Training Protocol on Strength Gains in Older Adults.

EPSCoR Program 2003

Idaho Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) $100,000

Upgrade of Vicon Motion Capture System for High-Speed 3D Motion Analysis in Biomechanics.

Articles (24)

Assessing Exercise Habits of Retired Division I NCAA Football Player

European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science

McFalls, T., Maggio, P., & DeBeliso, M.

2023 This study assessed the exercise habits among former NCAA Division I College football players. Methods: Former NCAA collegiate football players (n=56) from the USA completed two different questionnaires relevant to exercise habits. The Global Physical Activity Questionnaire GPAQ questionnaire was used to measure the time spent exercising once retired. The Exercise Benefits/Barriers Scale EB/BS questionnaire was used to determine the perception of exercise benefits and barriers.

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Establishing Normative Reference Values for the Utah Seated Medicine Ball Throw Protocol in Adolescents

The Sport Journal

Bigger, C., Larson, A., & DeBeliso, M.


The seated medicine ball throw (SMBT) is a field test intended to assess upper-body muscular power by measuring the maximal distance an individual can throw a medicine ball from an isolated, seated position. The SMBT has been used to assess upper-body power in various populations and to establish concurrent validity for other measures of upper-body power such as the bench press power test and the plyometric push-up. The SMBT is less costly and simpler to incorporate into a field test battery than other upper body power assessments. While the SMBT is a valid, reliable field test for upper-body power, normative reference standards for most populations, including adolescent physical education students, do not exist. Purpose: This study reports distances thrown in the SMBT to establish normative reference values in male and female physical education students, ages 12-15 years old.

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The Relationship Between Hand Grip Strength and Women’s Collegiate Division I Gymnastics Performance Scores

Turkish Journal of Kinesiology

Nipp, H., DeBeliso, M., & Lawrence, M.M.


Maximal isometric handgrip strength (HGS) is used as an indicator of overall muscular strength and has also been found to be predictive of certain athletic events sporting prowess. Women’s artistic gymnastics requires athletes have high levels of relative muscular strength and power to be successful. This study examined the relationship between HGS and gymnastics performance scores for the 4 events of vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor in female collegiate artistic gymnasts.

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Allometrically Scaled Grip Strength and the Mature Adult: Brief Report III. International

Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations

DeBeliso, M., Boham, M., Harris, C., Sevene, T., Adams, K.J., Lawrence, M., & Climstein, M.


Grip strength has been shown to be closely associated to body strength and functional body movement ability among mature aged adults. However the aforementioned associations were based on absolute grip strength. What may be of greater importance is the relationship between allometrically scaled grip strength and body strength as well as functional body movement ability among mature aged adults. Purpose: This study examined the relationship between allometrically scaled grip strength and body strength as well as functional body movement ability among mature aged adults.

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Prevalence of Hyperglycemia in Masters Athletes

The National Library of Medicine

Climstein, M., Walsh, J., Adams, K.K., Sevene, T., Heazlewood, I., & DeBeliso. M.


Ageing is associated with decreased physical activity, obesity and subsequently an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus . Master athletes have initiated exercise or sport later in life or pursued a physically active lifestyle for an extended period. Subsequently, MAs have been proposed as a model of successful ageing as this active lifestyle is associated with health benefits including decreased health risk of chronic diseases and a reduction in premature mortality. Given long-term physical activity/exercise has previously been shown to be protective against hyperglycemia, a risk factor for T2dm, it is plausible that MA may have protective benefit against developing hyperglycemia. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of hyperglycemia via fasting plasma glucose in MAs competing at the World Masters Games.

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Motivation Differences between Youth Single-Sport, Multi-Sport, and Single-Sport Specialized Athletes in the Western United States

Athens Journal of Sport

Crouch, K., Larson, A., & DeBeliso, M.

2022 The motivation for youth sport involvement may differ for single-sport, multi-sport, and single-sport specialized athletes. To investigate differences between adolescent single-sport athletes, multi-sport athletes, and single-sport specialized athletes on measures of sport enjoyment and motivation. A secondary aim was to compare these variables between age groups.

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A Longitudinal Investigation of Crowd Density and the Home Court Phenomenon in the Women’s National Basketball Association

European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science

Orton, S., Maggio, P., & DeBeliso, M.

2022 The home team advantage has been extensively documented and studied in many team sports, especially men’s basketball leagues. In contrast, research that has examined the home court advantage in women’s basketball leagues could not be found. Therefore, this study was designed to answer the following questions: (1) is the home court advantage present in the woman’s national basketball association? (2) is there a relationship between crowd density and referee bias in favor of the home team in the national woman’s basketball league? (3) is there a relationship between crowd density and home team performance in the woman’s national basketball league?

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Pack Running Among Female NCAA Collegiate Cross Country Teams

European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science

Falk, J., Larson, A., & DeBeliso, M.

2022 The purpose of this study was to identify if there was a relationship between running with a teammate(s), often referred to as packing, during a cross-country race and lower aggregate team times of the top five scoring runners. This study examined packing strategies of Division 1 NCAA female cross-country runners. Packing was defined as any team member running within a second of a teammate at a given checkpoint during the race.

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The Efficacy of Partial Range of Motion Deadlift Training: A Pilot Study

International Journal of Sports Science

Gillingham, B., & DeBeliso, M.


The deadlift (DL) is a fundamental exercise that has a positive training effect on sprint speed, vertical jump performance and rate of force development. The DL is included in resistance training (RT) programs designed for sports that require enhancement of these performance measures. Additionally, maximum effort during full range of motion (FROM) or partial range of motion (PROM) DL are performed by strength athletes in competitions of maximum strength. Purpose: The study examined the effects of free weight DL PROM RT on maximum FROM and PROM DL strength.

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The Time Management Matrix Re-Tooled: An Instrument for Academics Navigating the Tenure Process

Journal of Multidisciplinary Perspective in Higher Education

DeBeliso, M., Gauthier, H., Sevene, T., Adams, K.J., Lawrence, M., Climstein, M., Harris, C., & Navalta, J.


he authors provide an ethnographic perspective with respect to the Quadrants of the CTMM for the purpose of providing a priority driven time self-management instrument to assist academics navigating towards tenure. Priority driven effective time self-management is key to successfully achieving tenure and we forward our academic interpretation of the CTMM as a potential guide for academics and their administrators. Further, the authors suggest that a priority driven effective time self management strategy is portable across disciplines and national/cultural borders.

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Tactical Masters Athletes: BMI Index Classifications

The National Library of Medicine

Keefer, M., Walsh, J., Adams, K., Climstein, M., Harris, C., & DeBeliso, M.


Understanding the nexus between aging, physical activity, and obesity has been a source of ongoing investigation. A considerable amount of research has focused on Masters athletes in this regard, suggesting a beneficial relationship between Masters sport participation and a healthy body mass index (BMI).

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Resilience, Psychological Stress, Physical Activity, and BMI among United States Air National Guardsmen: The COVID-19 Pandemic

Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

Ligeza, N., Larson, A., & DeBeliso, M.


Military service members carry the responsibility to maintain physical and psychological readiness. As such, it is critical for researchers to begin unravelling the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on service member's mental and physical wellbeing. The aim of this research was to investigate the complex relationships between BMI, physical activity, psychological stress and resilience among United States Air National Guardsmen (USANG), specifically during the pandemic.

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The reliability of the Utah seated medicine ball throw among adolescents: Brief Report

Journal of Physical Education Research

Biggar, C., Larson, A., & DeBeliso, M.


The seated medicine ball throw (SMBT) has been used to assess upper-body muscular power output among various populations. Recently investigators developed an initial normative data set for the SMBT among adolescents using a standardized protocol referred to as the Utah SMBT. The purpose of the current investigation is to report a detailed reliability analysis of the Utah SMBT among adolescents. Untrained male and female physical education students aged 12-15 years performed three trials of the Utah SMBT field test during one session following a specific warm-up period.

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Reliability of Trail Walking and Running Tasks Using the Stryd Power Meter

International Journal of Sports Medicine

James W. Navalta, Jeffrey Montes, Nathaniel G. Bodell, Charli D. Aguilar, Kara Radzak, Jacob W. Manning, and Mark DeBeliso


Footpod monitors are wearable devices attaching to the shoe with the ability to sense oscillations in leg movement; however, few studies provide reliability. The purpose was to provide reliability data for outdoor tasks as measured by the Stryd Power Meter, which is a footpod monitor.

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Is there a Correlation Between Preseason Physical Testing and High School Softball Player Ability?

European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science

E. Wood & M. DeBeliso

In the sport of softball, player ability is assumed to be in part attributed to speed, strength, and agility. As such, a preseason battery of physical performance tests may provide coaches information that may aid in the development of a softball player’s ability. However, information regarding the relationship between basic physical performance tests and player ability is limited.

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A Comparison of Four Stress Reduction Modalities on Measures of Stress Among University Students

International Journal of Workplace Health Management

Erica Bennion, Michael N. Oplin, and Mark DeBeliso


High levels of stress reported at college campuses has led to the need for stress management interventions. College students often do not know how to deal with the increase in stress during college which may lead to ineffective ways to manage stress, such as drugs, alcohol, and under the worst circumstance, suicide. Several universities have implemented stress relieving centers where students can participate in various modalities to relax and reduce symptoms of stress. The purpose of this paper is to compare four stress reduction modalities on the amount of physiologic and perceived stress (PS) reduction in a stress relief center.

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The Reliability of the 12-Item Grit Scale Among Crossfit Participants

European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science

Michael Cazayoux, Alan Bishop, James Navalta, Chad Harris, Kent Adams, Mark DeBeliso

Crossfit participation has experienced exponential growth. Like other sports, it may be that successful participation in Crossfit would rely upon a construct known as grit. Grit is considered to be a combination of perseverance of effort (PE) and consistency of interest (CI) and has been assessed in other populations with the 12-point Grit Scale.

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Hand Grip Strength and Gender: Allometric Normalization in Older Adults and Implications for the NIOSH Lifting Equation

Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

Trish Gail Sevene, Joseph Berning, Chad Harris, Mike Climstein, Kent Jason Adams and Mark DeBeliso


Many countries are experiencing an aging workforce with women workers making up a growing proportion. Workplaces often require employees to complete lifting tasks that require the ability of the hand to grasp an implement (coupling). The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed an equation for manual lifting tasks hoping to minimize the potential for a workplace back-injury related to a lifting task. The NIOSH lifting equation relies upon stress variables including a coupling factor. However, little is known regarding grip strength as related to the NIOSH lifting equation coupling factor. The purpose of this study was to investigate differences in grip strength due to gender in older adults.

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Cardiovascular Risk Profiles Of World Masters Games Participants

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Mark DeBeliso, Joe Walsh, Tim Heazlewood, Trish Sevene, Kent J. Adams and Mike Climstein


Increasing evidence indicates adherence to exercise throughout life is concurrent with improved health. World masters games (WMG) have more participants than any other international sporting competition and is under-investigated​, particularly with regard to indices of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk.

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The Relationship Between Core Stability & Squat Ratio in Resistance-Trained Males

International Journal of Kinesiology & Sports Medicine

Tyler Ray, Kent J. Adams and Mark DeBeliso


This study attempted to determine if there was a meaningful relationship between the SR and core strength (CS) in resistance-trained males. If a strong relation exists between the SR and CS, strength and conditioning professionals would have a readily available assessment tool for examining CS by simply viewing the SR.

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Is there a relationship between core muscular strength and chronic ankle instability?

Journal of Physical Education Research

Calicchio, A., Ludwig, G., & DeBeliso, M


Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries in athletics, leaving some athletes with instability issues long after the initial injury has occurred. This study attempted to determine if a relationship between chronic ankle instability and core strength exists.

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The Body Mass Index of San Francisco Cold Water Swimmers - Comparisons to U.S. National and Local Populations, and Pool Swimmers

International Journal of Exercise Science

Brendan T. Crow, Ellicott C. Matthay, Stephen P. Schatz, Mark D. DeBeliso and Thomas J. Nuckton

To determine if cold-water swimmers have substantial differences in BMI, which might have a protective effect against heat loss during swims in cold water without wetsuits, and to determine if obesity is more or less prevalent in cold-water swimmers, we compared the body mass index (BMI) values of 103 recreational open-water swimmers to data from various population groups. Swimmers swam consistently throughout the winter months, in the San Francisco Bay (water temperature range: 9.6° C to 12.6° C), without wetsuits. After matching for age and sex, the average BMI of cold-water swimmers was lower than the corresponding predicted U.S. average BMI, the predicted California state average BMI, and the predicted San Francisco city average BMI.

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Gender Differences in Participant Motivation in Masters Football at the 2010 Pan Pacific Masters Games.

International Research in Science and Soccer II

T. Favero, B. Drust and B. Dawson


Book Chapter, pp. 236-241

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Participant motivation predicting training sessions and training type in male and female athletes competing at 2010 Pan Pacific masters games

Applied Psychology Readings: Selected Papers from Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology, 2016

L.M. Tans and M. Leung

Book chapter, pp. 137-146

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Courses (6)

PE 4030 Clinical Applications of Exercise Science

This course will address the theoretical basis for, and practical applications of, exercise testing and prescription for diseased and special populations. It will follow a lecture/lab format.

PE 4710 Evaluation in Physical Education

Designed to allow students to understand how to evaluate student progress in the schools. Also included: test construction, grading, frequency distribution, measures of central tendency and dispersion, and elementary probability.

PE 6000 Foundations of Sport Conditioning

This online course will cover the basic principles of physical conditioning and will prepare students for future courses in exercise program design. Physiological mechanisms and adaptations to training will also be addressed.

PE 6060 Evaluation in Sport Fitness

Intensive training course covering sport specific fitness testing for components such as speed, power, strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and functional movement.

PE 6080 Intro to Sport Science Research and Statistics

A graduate course covering research methodologies and statistical techniques in the sport sciences. This course will assist coaches in reading and critiquing research and designing their own.

PE 6933 Thesis

Student develops and defends a Master’s of Sport Condition/Performance thesis (3 credit hours initial semester). MSSCP Candidates must be continuously enrolled in at least 1 credit hour of PE 6933 until their Thesis is completed.