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Mark DiStasi - Archway Publishing. Gilbert, AZ, US

Mark DiStasi

President | BOLD Solutions, LLC


Author of "From Survive to Thrive"



Mark's expertise has been instrumental in the development and implementation of strategic plans and organizational designs for many nonprofits, academic institutions and businesses. He has also been responsible for the overall direction of the design and execution of brand strategy communication, advertising, and marketing plans, as well as crisis communication plans for many organizations. Over three decades, Mark’s ingenuity, collaboration and vision have delivered BOLD results for his clients

He collaborates with organization leaders, executive teams and board members, designing and implementing intentional strategic plans and creating metrics for continued evaluation of those plans. Implementing change management principles and strategies, Mark has restructured internal teams of professionals and staff, capitalizing on the strengths of the teams and bringing in new talent when necessary.

Mission-focused, purpose-driven, data-centric planning is the approach Mark takes with his nonprofit, academic and business clients. Through this more strategic and intentional approach, his clients have made very positive and accelerated transformations often exceeding their expected outcomes. Working with clients including executives, staff members and boards of trustees, he successfully motivates all parties involved to build toward the common good of the organization.

Enormous pressures are placed on nonprofit leaders to redesign their organizations to become more successful. Mark DiStasi recently published From Survive to Thrive, BOLD Solutions for Transforming Your Nonprofit, a useful workbook and online learning tool that inspires leaders to do the necessary work of transforming their organization to reach its full potential. Author Mark C. DiStasi, MSOL guides readers through a step-by-step process, taking a look at the vital components for an organization’s success.

The author’s website,, provides a series of video case studies. These inspiring videos present stories from nonprofit leaders as to how their organizations overcame certain obstacles to become thriving nonprofits.

From Survive to Thrive leverages and maximizes a nonprofit's leadership expertise to stimulate forward thinking and refocus their mission and vision to realistically transform their nonprofit into the high performing and, ultimately, high impact organization it has the potential to be.

Areas of Expertise (8)

Strategic Planning

Organizational Design

Nonprofit Board Development

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Volunteer Structure Planning Modeling

Non Profit Advocacy

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Business Consulting

Education (2)

MOUNT ST. JOSEPH UNIVERSITY: MS, Organizational Leadership 2008

University of Cincinnati: BA 1987

Languages (1)

  • English

Testimonials (6)

Stephen J Smith, Co Founder | The Grace Foundation

"Like many founders of non-profits I had great aspirations and motivation -- but lacked experience in organizing a board and articulating our mission. Mr. DiStasi’s concise and well written book provides direction and applicable exercises that assist in maximizing board knowledge and inspires forward thinking. Moreover, it forces directors to refocus their objectives and organizational vision. Non-profits that follow the processes illustrated in this book will find the content transformational."

Bryan Eubanks, Director | Deaf Institute

"The workbook From Survive to Thrive ( and the video case studies are a great back-to-the-basics review for us. They are very helpful, sometimes challenging and are proving to be an important part of our process of succession planning. This program has been enlightening in our review of what we are doing and what we need to be doing to help the future Director to be successful with the transition into the new position."

Ron Beshear, Managing Partner | Retired Northwestern Mutual

"As co-founder of an academic institution, and currently a board member of several nonprofits, I have witnessed the favorable impact of organizations who clearly have their house in order. The book, From Survive to Thrive (, and its online video case studies, provide nonprofit leaders with practical and tangible strategies and methodologies that will transform their nonprofits into tremendously beneficial resources for those they serve. I believe From Survive to Thrive is such a powerful tool for the success of a nonprofit, I've given copies of the book to other nonprofit leaders." The strategy, processes, research and resolutions found in From Survive to Thrive, along with the discipline of implementation, will bring in the harvest for any nonprofit."

Nancy Hollenkamp, Co-Founder | Aubrey Rose Foundation

"From Survive to Thrive ( is an easy read, it's to the point with many very helpful tips! This is a book that I will use and be able to refer back to it for many different things. It really is amazing!"

Chris Gabrelcik OMA, CLS, EY, President | Lubrication Specialties, Inc.

"We had been struggling for months trying to figure out how to reorganize our corporate structure. The challenge was building in a way to scale up so we don’t have to reorganize every six months as we grow. BOLD Solutions ( was able to help us think through all the possibilities and come up with something that works and grows with us. That process gave us the confidence to move forward knowing we had considered all the possibilities. You did a great job and we look forward to working with you again." Chris Gabrelcik OMA, CLS, EY Entrepreneur of the Year - 2015 Award Winner President Lubrication Specialties, Inc.

Bernie Reagan, President | DSC Office Systems

"Mark DiStasi is a consummate professional. I presented my company vision to him and he readily guided me through several exercises to help develop my strategic plan. He helped me establish a more defined organization structure, advised me on CRM software, met with sales personnel to drill down and find out where the roadblocks were and developed solutions to those issues. On a very professional and consistent basis he kept me accountable to the targets we set. After each strategy meeting, Mark wrote a summary of what we discussed, what we accomplished and the goals for moving forward before the next meeting. He has a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous scope of leadership experience to draw from in advising me with the means to fulfill our vision. His company is appropriately called BOLD Solutions ( We needed BOLD Solutions and we’re now seeing the positive impact of those solutions." Bernie Reagan President DSC Office Systems


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