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Mark Migliaccio Mark Migliaccio

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Albuquerque, NM, UNITED STATES

Build an money making machine and become 1st Generation Rich – and have fun doing it!



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Mark J. Migliaccio was placed into a special education program in the second grade due to a learning disability and remained in the program until he graduated. He went on to go to college but dropped out before working a series of dead-end, minimum wage jobs. Then he remembered his best friends dad only had a third-grade education and was a very successful businessman and real estate investor, which inspired him to pursue a path of wealth not taught in public schools.

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Real Estate Dev/Ops

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1st Generation Rich (professional)


I built a business and used the profits to fund my addiction to real estate. The assets from the apartments pay all our monthly expenses giving us the options and freedom to live life on our terms. I had a vision on day. I wanted to talk to the same special education class I was in to inspire the students and that i'm proof that you don't have to have a college degree to be successful. That vision inspired me to write my book.

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The real World: Certified in asset accumulation

No degree, No school, No mentors, No money, Hard work Vision Goals Savings And Possion!!

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