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Mark Wilson - Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI, US

Mark Wilson

Professor | Michigan State University


Expert in urban planning, disruptive technologies (internet, autonomous vehicles) and mega events (Olympics, World Cup)






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Mark Wilson is a professor of Urban & Regional Planning in the School of Planning, Design and Construction, with research and teaching interests focusing on three themes: 1) the impact of disruptive technologies on urban planning and life, including the affect of the internet on daily life and the implications of autonomous technologies for cities; 2) the planning and management elements of mega events such as the Olympics, World Cup and Expos on their host cities; and 3) the potential of industrial parks for urban economic development.

Industry Expertise (6)

Public Policy


Events Services


Writing and Editing

Information Technology and Services

Areas of Expertise (6)

Disruptive Technology

Industrial Parks

Internet and Cities

Autonomous Vehicles

Mega Events (Olympics, World Cup, Expos)

Urban Economic Development

Education (5)

University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., Regional Science

University of Pennsylvania: M.A., Regional Science

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: M.A., Economics

University of Melbourne: M.Commerce, Regional/Urban Economics

University of Melbourne: B.Commerce, Economics

Journal Articles (3)

Mega Event Planning: The Development and Impact of Shanghai Expo2010

Archivio Di Studi Urbani E Regionali

Mark I Wilson


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Mega-Events and Legacies: Milan Expo 2015 and the Future Event City


Mark I Wilson


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Smart and Sustainable: Lessons from Fogo Island

Smart Cities in the Mediterranean

Mark I. Wilson

2017 Globalization and centralization of economic activity are increasingly challenging the viability of many communities distant from the world’s economic centers. One category of places that encounters economic challenges is islands, because they face higher costs and have long served on the periphery of the economy. One example of community and non profit action used for social and economic change is Fogo Island, a small island located off the coast of Newfoundland, with a unique approach to local development led by the Shorefast Foundation. Fogo Island is an excellent example of innovative policy, community action, and sustainable practice that informs planning for islands in general. Using a tourism and culture based model that features sustainability and heritage preservation, Fogo Island serves as a valuable example of ways to harness community assets and motivation for regional development.

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