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Mark Woods - Woods Group Inc.. Scottsdale, AZ, US

Mark Woods

CEO | Woods Group Inc.


Author and dynamic speaker that addresses today's productivity challenges



Mark Woods has 18 years of hands-on, practical experience in sales, marketing, training and project management. He has experienced success with start-up organizations in addition to established corporations.

His background in organizational time management gives him the ability to be systematic when tackling new projects with clients. He has a proven ability to prioritize critical tasks and achieve deadlines. Mark co-authored a book with the late Trapper Woods, his mentor and his father, Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You.

Mark's ridiculously easy time management methods that help clients reduce stress in today’s hectic world. This contemporary solution teaches how to be more productive so they can reach their personal and professional goals.

His engaging style combined with practical solutions connect with audiences on an emotional level. Mark's presentations are punctuated with stories, real-life experiences, and anecdotes that ignite life-changing energy in those who experience his programs.

What People Are Saying:

I am already more productive! Thank you for the seminar yesterday and the advance copy of your new book, Attack Your Day! - Michelle A, NY

I have used your Activity Game for two days and I am convinced that it will help me stay focused. I like the "box" format and the idea of space conceptually rather than a traditional linear time format. I enjoyed your training, it was very helpful. - Charndra G
Your training was awesome! I really learned a lot and hope to learn lots more from your book. - Deb L, PA

I really enjoyed the seminar and appreciate the opportunity for your help! I have owned/operated a women's health club & spa for 30 years. My biggest challenge seems to be my business planning. Now I have a plan! - Kathleen S, ME

Industry Expertise (6)

Program Development

Professional Training and Coaching


Training and Development

Staffing and Recruiting

Corporate Training

Areas of Expertise (5)

Work-Life Balance

Activity Management


Personal Productivity

Time Management & Goals

Education (1)

University of Utah: Behavior Science and Health, Business

General studies at the University of Utah between between 90-95 before starting his third business as a general contractor.

Testimonials (2)

Elizabeth Chappel, PMP, President | Project Management Institute

“Attack Your Day! offers a fresh perspective. As President of a volunteer organization, I’ve found time can be better managed by focusing on the practices identified in this book. These same practices are essential for success as a project manager.”

Gena Wikstrom, Executive Director | Northwest Career Colleges Federation

“Attack Your Day! is an easy process that reaps huge benefits. Every student, every faculty member, and every administrator would see their productivity escalate and stress reduced just by practicing what’s outlined in this book. I did. It works.”

Event Appearances (9)

Project Management Institute

East Valley Chapter meeting  Phoenix


Project Management Institute

North Valley Chapter Meeting  Phoenix


Northwest Career Colleges Federation

43rd Annual Conference, NWCCF  Coeur D'Alene, ID


Mahoney Group Insurance

The Mahoney Group - Annual Meeting (Insurance)  Mesa, Arizona


Cengage Publishing

Cengage Publishing - Regional Sales Meeting  San Diego, CA


Pearson Publishing

Customer Appreciation Event  Los Angeles, CA


Pearson Publishing

Customer Appreciation Event  Phoenix, AZ


Arizona Private Schools Association

Arizona Private Schools Association - Training Expo  Phoenix, AZ


Northcentral University

Northcentral University - Graduation Week  Prescott, AZ


Sample Talks (2)

Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You

Activities Rule, Not The Clock. To be a good time managers, you must be great at 5 activity management skills. Choosing: Choosing the activities we do (or don't do) determines our daily productivity. Arranging: Learn to think inside the time box to focus on the right activities and avoid procrastination. Flexiute: You are a realist! You know that your day won't go exactly as planned, so you flexicute and prepare for the expected unexpected. Tracking: At the completion of this workshop you?ll have a system to track all activity to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Focusing: Focusing is the ability to say NO to interruptions and distractions.

Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You

Today, we have more events and activities to manage than every before because of technology, the Internet and expectations of doing more with less. What we need are fast, flexible and easy solutions to navigate time for greater productivity. In this workshop you'll learn a simple formula to make effective choices, deal with Interruptions, and conflicting priorities.



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1500 to 6000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee