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Marsha Lovett - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Marsha Lovett Marsha Lovett

Teaching Professor and Vice Provost | Carnegie Mellon University



Marsha Lovett's research considers how learning works (mostly in college-level courses) and ways to improve it. She has used various methodologies in her work, including A/B testing, computational modeling, protocol analysis, laboratory experiments and classroom studies. She has developed several innovative, educational technologies to promote student learning and metacognition, including StatTutor (an intelligent tutoring system for statistics) and the Learning Dashboard (a learning analytics system that promotes adaptive teaching and learning in online instruction). At the Eberly Center, Lovett leads a team of teaching consultants, learning engineers, designers, data scientists and technologists to help instructors create meaningful and demonstrably effective educational experiences – both in-person and online. A signature of this work is research-based design combined with data-informed refinement.

Areas of Expertise (1)

Future of Education

Education (3)

Carnegie Mellon University: Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology

Carnegie Mellon University: M.S., Cognitive Psychology

Princeton University: B.A., Cognitive Science