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Marta Guron, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Marta Guron, PhD Marta Guron, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor of Chemistry | Villanova University


Marta Guron, PhD, is an expert in sustainability, plastics, recycling & environmental issues associated with plastics & recycling.


Areas of Expertise (9)

Enviromental Issues

Inorganic Chemistry

Science Education

Elementary Science Education

Waste Disposal

Science Pedagogy

Polymers and Plastics

Plastics and the Environment



Marta Guron, PhD, is an assistant teaching professor of Chemistry at Villanova University. Her areas of expertise include plastics, polymers, waste disposal, sustainability and how young people learn science. Dr. Guron's interests lie in addressing how different audiences with different needs get as many transferable skills as possible out of the class they take, and is involved in research on how young children interact with hands-on experiments.

Education (2)

University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D, Inorganic Chemistry 2009

Cornell University: B.A., Chemistry 2004

Select Accomplishments (3)

Kolbe Award for Outstanding Service and Dedication


Change the Equation STEMworks Database Inclusion

Awarded for outstanding curriculum development

Junior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching Nomination


Affiliations (1)

  • American Chemical Society (2004-present)

Select Media Appearances (2)

What Can You Do With a Chemistry Degree?

U.S. News & World Report  online


"Marta Guron, a member of the chemistry faculty at Villanova University who has a Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry, says aspiring chemistry students should know that a degree in the field doesn't automatically lead to a teaching or research career. "The truth is that beyond that, the career paths are far-reaching," Guron wrote."

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Municipalities Continue to Struggle with Increasing Waste Streams

American Recycler  online


"Dr. Marta Guron, professor of chemistry at Villanova University, also teaches on plastics and sustainability to non-chemistry majors. Dr. Guron studies the lives of plastics from their creation to their (lengthy) demise from a holistic perspective and says the biggest issue facing municipal recycling programs now is the fallout effect of Chinese policies from 2018 which effectively block the U.S.’s ability to offload recyclables for true reuse, and make it a domestic problem that the country does not have the infrastructure for."

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Research Grants (4)

Elementary Science Outreach Grant

Search Results Web Result with Site Links American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 


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Development of Laboratory Experiences MiniGrant

Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning (VITAL) 


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Course Development Grant

Villanova College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 


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Schoolhouse Science Elementary Outreach Program Grant

Villanova's Office of the President 


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Select Academic Articles (5)

Incorporating Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment into First-Year Inorganic Chemistry Major Laboratories

Journal of Chemical Education

Guron, M.; Paul, J.J.; Roeder, M. H.


Issue 93 (4), page 639-644.

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Template synthesis of 3D high-temperature silicon-oxycarbide and silicon-carbide ceramic photonic crystals from interference lithographically patterned organosilicates

Chemistry of Materials

Xu, Y.; Guron, M.; Zhu, X.; Sneddon, L. G.; Yang, S


Issue 22 (16), page 4660-4668

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Ruthenium-catalyzed metathesis reactions of ortho- and meta- dialkenyl-carboranes: Efficient ring-closing and acyclic diene polymerization reactions

Inorganic Chemistry

Guron, M.; Wei, X; Sneddon, L. G


Issue 49 (13), page 6139-6147.

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Ordered mesoporous boron carbide based materials via precursor nanocasting

Chemistry of Materials

Borchardt, L.; Kockrick, E.; Wollmann, P.; Guron, M.; Geiger, D.; Sneddon, L. G.; Kaskel, S.


Issue 22 (16), page 4660-4668.

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Preceramic polymer blends as precursors for boron-carbide/silicon-carbide composite ceramics and ceramic fibers

Chemistry of Materials

Guron, M.; Wei, X.; Welna, D.; Krogman, N.; Allcock, H.; Sneddon, L. G.


Issue 21 (8), page 1708-1715

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