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Martha Burtis - University of Mary Washington. Fredericksburg, VA, US

Martha Burtis Martha Burtis

Director of the Digital Knowledge Center | University of Mary Washington

Fredericksburg, VA, UNITED STATES

Martha Burtis is an expert on digital storytelling.





Technologies of Possibility Wooster doorways {Re}Visioning Blogs CCA Fall 2007 University of Montana


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As Director of the University's Digital Knowledge Center Martha Burtis oversees a peer tutoring program that offers support to students who are engaged in digital projects and assignments. She works closely with her colleagues in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT), coming in behind their work with UMW faculty to offer one-on-one student support. Burtis has given numerous presentations on digital storytelling.

Before taking on her current position, Burtis served as Special Projects Coordinator in DTLT, helping administer various faculty and student development projects, including the Online Learning Initiative and Domain of One’s Own. She also has taught classes in the departments of Computer Science and the American Studies program on digital storytelling and digital identity. In addition, she has taught a new first-year seminar on digital identity.

Burtis has worked in higher education for 15 years, previously serving as director of DTLT and as director of Web development at the University of Montana.

Areas of Expertise (7)

Instructional Technology Digital Storytelling Online Learning Digital Pedagogy Educational Technologies Computer Science Digital Identity

Accomplishments (3)

Richard V. and Rosemary A. Hurley Presidential Commendation (professional)

Awarded by the University of Mary Washington, 2015.

President, Kappa of Virginia (personal)

UMW PBK Chapter, Spring 2007.

Recipient, CUMREC New Horizons Grant (professional)

Awarded Fall 2003.

Education (2)

Teachers College, Columbia University: M.A., Instructional Technology and Media 2001

Masters Thesis Project: Developing a Web Presence for “Texts of Imagination and Empire: The Founding of Jamestown in Its Atlantic Context”.

Mary Washington College: B.A., English 1996

Graduated with Honors, Summa Cum Laude.

Affiliations (1)

  • Kappa of Virginia (UMW PBK Chapter)

Media Appearances (2)

The End of a Blogging Era at Harvard

Inside Higher Ed  online


The University of Mary Washington still has an active institutionally hosted blogging platform called UMW blogs, said Martha Burtis, director of the digital knowledge center of the university. But the popularity of the platform has diminished since the university started offering faculty and students the opportunity to control their own blogs through an initiative called Domain of One’s Own.

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‘Digital Storytelling’ Spins High-Tech Tales at UMW

University of Mary Wash8ington  online


It was a camera-microphone combo. That much was clear. But amid all the gadgets and gizmos, the group at the table could only guess what to do with the orange and white rings that came with it. That’s when Tricia Creason-Valencia spoke up. A cinema professor from Santa Clara University in California, she said they were filters, used to diffuse and manipulate light.

Knowledge-sharing like this went viral this week in a course called Digital Storytelling. Taught by University of Mary Washington Digital Knowledge Center Director Martha Burtis, it was part of UMW’s weeklong Digital Pedagogy Lab, a community of educators from across the globe, committed to dissecting the art and science of teaching with technology. The event, which drew participants from across the country – and world – wraps up today.

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Articles (1)

A Practical Cultural Resource Survey Tool for Preservation APT Bulletin: The Journal of Preservation Technology

Andréa Livi Smith and Martha Burtis


Background Data collection in historic preservation is crucial. No intervention should take place without thorough documentation. In cases where a resource will be demolished, documentation is not just a step but the outcome. While not as obviously important, data …

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