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Mary  Argent-Katwala - Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. Toronto, ON, CA

Mary Argent-Katwala Mary  Argent-Katwala

Director, Diagnosis & Clinical Care | Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Healthcare expert improving standards in cancer diagnosis and treatment across Canada





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Mary Argent-Katwala, Director, Diagnosis and Clinical Care, CPAC



Areas of Expertise (8)

Clinical Care Pharmaceutical Industry Oncology Biotechnology Epidemiology Cardiology Cancer Prevention Disease Prevention

Education (2)

Institute of Cancer Research, University of London: PhD, Cancer Biology: The Role of c-Myb During T Cell Activation

University of Cambridge: MA, Biological Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Pathology and Physiology

Affiliations (1)

  • Dr Bessie F Lawrence International Summer Science Institute Alumna

Media Appearances (1)

Toronto scientist creates first living 3D pancreas model

The Toronto Star  print


The goal of the research, funded by a $200,000 grant from the Canadian Cancer Society, is to eventually find clues for early detection.

Unlike breast cancer, there is no way to screen for pancreatic cancer. And because the vast majority of patients don’t survive, few people are around to campaign for more research and funding, said Dr. Mary Argent-Katwala, director of research at the Canadian Cancer Society.

“It’s a vicious cycle,” she said. “It has been very challenging to crack the science behind the tumor.”

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Articles (3)

Understanding primary care transitions in cancer care: results of a literature review and pan- Canadian environmental scan European Journal of Cancer Care


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Consistent deregulation of gene expression between human and murine MLL-rearrangement leukemias Cancer Research


Important biological and pathological properties are often conserved across species. Although several mouse leukemia models have been well established, the genes deregulated in both human and murine leukemia cells have not been studied systematically. We performed a serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) analysis on gene expression in both human and murine MLL-ELL or MLL-ENL leukemia cells, and identified 88 genes that appeared to be significantly deregulated in both types of leukemia cells, including 57 genes not reported previously as being deregulated in MLL-associated leukemias...

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Myb proteins regulate expression of histone variant H2A.Z during thymocyte development British Society for Immunology


The c-myb gene encodes a transcription factor required for the normal development of T cells in the thymus, and for subsequent peripheral T-cell activation and survival. However, the profile of genes known to be transcriptionally regulated by c-Myb in T cells does not adequately explain the pleiotrophic nature of the effects of c-Myb. We present here a detailed molecular characterization of the regulation of a novel target gene, the histone variant H2A.Z. We show that c-Myb is able to bind to and activate the H2A.Z promoter in T cells both in vitro and in vivo, and present evidence that perturbation of Myb activity during T-cell development results in reduced H2A.Z expression. As H2A.Z is absolutely required for the early stages of mammalian development, and plays essential roles in the regulation of chromatin structure in gene promoters in yeast, its regulation by c-Myb is likely to be of some importance during T-cell development.

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