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Matt Devost - FusionX LLC. Reston, VA, US

Matt Devost

President & CEO | FusionX LLC


Dynamic Speaker on Terrorism and Cyber Security Issues





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Matthew Devost is a technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert specializing in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, and risk management issues.

Mr. Devost was a founder of the Terrorism Research Center, Inc. (TRC) in 1996, where he served as President and CEO until November 2008. As founder and President, Mr. Devost oversaw all research, analysis, intelligence, assessment, and training programs including the development of the renowned “Mirror Image” training program, the Responder Knowledge Base, and the Terrorism Early Warning Group program which established local intel fusion centers in 56 high-threat U.S. cities. In addition to his duties as President, Mr. Devost also provided strategic consulting services to select international governments and corporations on issues of counter-terrorism, intelligence, information warfare and security, critical infrastructure protection, and homeland security.

Mr. Devost is currently the President & CEO of FusionX, LLC, a global cybersecurity, technology, and risk management solutions company. Mr. Devost helps a global clientele identify and manage dynamic cyberthreats in complex operational environments.

Mr. Devost holds an appointment as a special government advisor to counsel the U.S. Department of Defense leadership on a variety of security issues. Mr. Devost is also on the Black Hat advisory board, helping to shape the agenda for a series of world-class information security conferences and was a founding Director of the Cyber Conflict Studies Association.

Mr. Devost has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, NPR, CBS News, BBC television, NWCN, Australian television and dozens other domestic and international radio and television programs as an expert on terrorism and cybersecurity and has lectured or published for the National Defense University, the United States Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities, the Swedish, Australian, Japanese, and New Zealand governments, Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University, and a number of popular press books – magazines, academic journals and over 200 international conferences.

Mr. Devost has co-written or authored chapters for several books including Cyberadversary Characterization, Threats in the Age of Obama, Information Warfare Vol. 2, Sun Tzu Art of War in Information Warfare, and was the technical editor for Hacking a Terror Network.

Industry Expertise (3)

Think Tanks

Computer/Network Security


Areas of Expertise (5)

Cyber Security

Risk Management


Intelligence & Analysis

Homeland Security

Accomplishments (7)

Author (professional)

Contributor to several books. Threats in the Age of Obama | Cyber Adversary Characterization | Hacking a Terror Network | Information Warfare

Winner - Sun Tzu Art of War in the Information Age (professional)

For 1996 paper entitled "Information Terrorism: Can you trust your toaster?"

Senior Advisory Board - Airline Pilots' Association (professional)

Adjunct Member - Terrorism Early Warning Group (professional)

Advisory Board - Black Hat Security Conference (professional)

Adjunct Professor - Georgetown University (professional)

For over 10 years, Mr. Devost has taught the flagship graduate course entitled "Information Warfare and Security".

Founding Director - Cyber Conflict Studies Association (professional)

Education (2)

University of Vermont: MA, Political Science | National Security Studies 1995

Wrote groundbreaking thesis entitled "National Security in the Information Age".

St. Michael's College: BA, Political Science & Computer Science 1993

Testimonials (6)

Christine Vivian, U.S. State Department | Hosted U.S. Embassy Event

"His audiences valued the insights he provided by way of thoughtful and well-researched presentations, combined with a sense of humor that did not elude his audiences."

Winn Schwartau, President | InfoWarCon

"Matt's far-reaching knowledge, on so many interdisciplinary topics, is truly impressive. What is even more impressive, is his ability to take complex issues and present them to audiences of all levels, with skill, wit, and entertainment. Everyone leaves one of Matt's speeches a lot smarter than when they went in. Having worked with Matt for more than a decade, I can unequivocally state that any group or company would be extremely hard pressed to find someone better qualified to both educate and entertain!"

Protected, U.S. Marine Colonel | Mirror Image Training to Combat Terrorism

"This training will save lives."

Scott Johnson, Arlington Institute | Various

"One of the most articulate advocates for educating leaders and the public by the growing threats from cybercrime and information warfare."

Brian Jenkins, President | Terrorism Research Center Conference

"Provides an essential update augmented by excellent analysis."

Memo to Secretary of State Colin Powell, U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand | Embassy Hosted Lecture and Media Series

"gifted speaker who had the stamina, energy and ethusiasm that was needed to last ten days of solid programming (speaking, meeting, etc.) throughout New Zealand."

Event Appearances (10)

Cyber Terrorism

InfoWarCon  Washington DC

Terrorism Threats and Trends

Hosted Embassy Event  New Zealand


Hosted Embassy Event  Japan

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Hosted Embassy Event  Australia

Mirror Image - Training to Combat Terrorism

Various  Various

Over 100 other professional speaking engagements

Various  Various

Cyber Adversary Characterization

Black Hat  Las Vegas

Cyber Security for Start-ups

Khosla Ventures CEO Summit  San Francisco

Cyber Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Hosted Speaker  Sweden

Ten Things About Cyber Security No One is Talking About That Will Be Critical in the Next 10 Years

CNO Executive Council  Washington DC

Sample Talks (1)

Cyber Risk Management - Future Threats & Countermeasures

An exciting and insightful look at the future of digital threats and how modern organizations must adapt to counter emerging risks.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Corporate Training


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