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Megan Mickley, M.D., MBA, FAAP - ChristianaCare. Wilmington, DE, US

Megan Mickley, M.D., MBA, FAAP

Director of 24/7 Pediatric Care Center | Division Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine | ChristianaCare


Dr. Megan Mickley is director of ChristianaCare’s new, 24/7 Pediatric Care Center and division director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.


Dr. Megan Mickley is Director of ChristianaCare’s new, 24/7 Pediatric Care Center and Division Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. She has a passion for clinical care, medical education, innovation, program development, and global health, having worked in both Vietnam and Partners in Health Haiti. Dr. Mickley is focused on the development and provision of high-value care programs with team engagement and continuous innovation.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Healthcare Management

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Emergency Ultrasound


Education (3)

University of Colorado: MBA, Health/Health Care Administration/Management 2022

University of Pennsylvania: M.D., Doctor of Medicine 2007

Stanford University: B.A., Human Biology 2000






Welcome to ChristianaCare's Pediatric Care Center


Media Appearances (3)

ChristianaCare Opens Pediatric Care Center With 24/7 Services in a Kid-Friendly Setting

ChristianaCare News  online


“We offer 24/7 pediatric emergency care 365 days a year,” said Megan Mickley, M.D., MBA, FAAP, FACEP, medical director, who is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine and fellowship-trained in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Emergency Ultrasound.

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Christiana Care prepares to open Pediatric Care Center

WDEL  online


"We anticipate that the center will not only improve pediatric care access for high-quality care for children, but also expand the breadth of services Christiana Care provides to the pediatric community," Christiana Pediatric Care Center Director Dr. Megan Mickley said.

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New Pediatric Care Center to open at ChristianaCare's Newark campus

Delaware Public Media  online


"We have pediatric emergency physicians, pediatric urgent care physicians, and pediatric hospital medicine physicians here 24/7," said Dr. Megan Mickley who is the medical director of the Pediatric Care Center.

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Selected Papers and Publications (6)

Pediatric emergency medicine fellowship point-of-care ultrasound training in 2020

AEM Education and Training

2021 The primary objective was to survey pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) leaders and fellows regarding point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) training in PEM fellowship programs, including teaching methods, training requirements, and applications taught. Secondary objectives were to compare fellows' and program leaders' perceptions of fellow POCUS competency and training barriers.

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Evaluating a longitudinal point-of-care-ultrasound (POCUS) curriculum for pediatric residents

BMC Medical Education

2021 POCUS is a growing field in medical education, and an imaging modality ideal for children given the lack of ionizing radiation, ease of use, and good tolerability. A 2019 literature review revealed that no US pediatric residency programs integrated obligatory POCUS curricula. Our objective was to provide a formalized POCUS curriculum over multiple years, and to retrospectively assess improvement in resident skills and comfort.

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Chapter 146: Oncologic Emergencies in Infants & Children

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, A Comprehensive Study Guide


Design of a Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows: A Delphi Study.

Academic Emergency Medicine Education and Training.

Gold D, Levine M, Hsu D…Mickley M, et al.


There has been a steady increase in the growth and utilization of point‐of‐care ultrasound (POCUS) in pediatric emergency medicine (PEM). POCUS has been established as an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) core requirement for accreditation of PEM fellowship programs. Despite this requirement, training guidelines regarding POCUS knowledge and skills have yet to be developed. The purpose of this project was to develop a curriculum and a competency checklist for PEM fellow POCUS education.

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Hematologic Emergencies in Infants & Children.

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, A Comprehensive Study Guide. 9th Edition.

Bailey JA, Mickley M


Children and adolescents develop different types of cancers than adults. The 5-year survival rate for all childhood (0 to 19 years of age) cancers in the United States has been steadily increasing and is currently 83% to 84%1; however, malignant neoplasms remain the second leading cause of death for U.S. children age 5 to 14 years.2 The most common childhood malignancies are discussed below.

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Chapter 144: Hematologic Emergencies in Infants and Children

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, A Comprehensive Study Guide. 9th Edition. November

Jessica A. Bailey; Megan Mickley


Bleeding in a child can be a diagnostic dilemma, because the causes range from benign to serious. Children with mild bleeding disorders may not experience an episode of bleeding until faced with a hemostatic challenge, such as an interventional procedure or trauma. On the other hand, children without an underlying bleeding disorder commonly present with complaints of bruising and bleeding such as epistaxis or menorrhagia. Red flags for a potential bleeding disorder include bleeding or bruising out of proportion to the injury, prolonged and/or recurrent bleeding (particularly with unknown cause or after a small injury or procedure), spontaneous bruising or bleeding, uncommon sites of bleeding (joints, GI) or bruising (proximal extremities, trunk), and a family history of a bleeding disorder. Consider nonaccidental trauma in the child with unusual bruising patterns (see Chapter 150, “Child Abuse and Neglect”). Figure 144-1 provides a basic approach for the initial ED assessment of a child with bleeding. The most common bleeding disorders presenting in childhood are discussed below.

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Selected Honors & Awards (2)

Pediatric North American Chiefs (PEMNAC) Executive Council (professional)


Top Doctor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Delaware Today (professional)