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Megha Kumar - International Data Corporation (IDC). Toronto, ON, CA

Megha Kumar Megha Kumar

Research Vice President, Software and Cloud Services | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Megha helps vendors and end-users navigate the cloud services and digital innovation landscape in Canada


Megha Kumar heads our software and cloud services research at IDC Canada. As a research vice president, Megha is responsible for managing and delivering projects across technology areas such as cloud services, enterprise applications, software and digital transformation for the Canadian market. She manages both the Canadian Software as a Service (SaaS) and Canadian Cloud Platforms (PaaS and IaaS) research programs in Canada

In addition to research, Megha has aided vendors with go-to-market engagements to improve market awareness and provide end users with essential guidance on technology adoption. She regularly interacts with CIOs and IT decision makers regarding their technology preferences, priorities, and concerns.

She originally joined IDC in 2007 covering the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey region, based out of Dubai, U.A.E. In her previous role at IDC, she regularly provided insights on market dynamics, vendor strategies, and end-user trends across the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey for both global and regional ICT firms as well as public sector organizations.

Megha presents at various industry and vendor conferences. She is often quoted in the media, providing opinions on technologies and market dynamics. She holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Marketing from York University, Canada.





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Cloud Computing Trends in Canada | IDC Canada's Megha Kumar Explains BLOCKCHAIN: Presentation and Panel Discussion - ET Canada Exchange


Areas of Expertise (8)

Cloud Services

Enterprise Applications

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Saas (Software as A Service)

Digital Transformation

Business Buyer Behaviour



Associated IDC Services (4)

  • Canadian Software as a Service
  • Canadian Cloud Platforms
  • Semiannual Software Tracker - Canada Region
  • Semiannual Public Cloud Services Tracker - Canada Region


Education (3)

York University: Bachelor, Marketing 2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management: Certificate, Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy 2018

Columbia Business School: Certificate Digital Marketing Strategies 2020

Languages (2)

  • English
  • Hindi

Media Appearances (16)

Collaboration tech evolves for the post-COVID future

Computer World  


In the hybrid workplace, organizations are trying to figure out the right balance between giving remote employees the flexibility they need to be productive and ensuring the technology also meets the needs of in-office workers, said Megha Kumar, research vice president, software and cloud services at IDC. “So when it comes down to collaboration tools, organizations are realizing that they need to put policies in place in terms of how employees will engage with one another effectively,” she said.

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Thousands were laid off from tech companies this summer — we talked to several workers to find out what it was like

The Toronto Star  


But there is hope on the horizon. Megha Kumar, vice president of research, software and cloud services for IDC Canada, said Canada has a thriving tech industry, and the recent lineup of layoffs won’t affect the attractiveness of the industry over the long term. The companies that enacted layoffs made bets on the market based on the supersized focus on tech caused by the pandemic, she said. As a result, “a lot of hiring took place.”

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It’s Time to Demystify Hybrid Clouds



Learn about cloud-first strategies from innovative IT leaders at the Canadian CIO Future of Cloud Summit. For big-picture insights, Dave McCarthy, IDC research vice president, cloud infrastructure services, will give worldwide cloud predictions for the coming year. Looking specifically at Canada, Megha Kumar, IDC Canada research vice president for software and cloud services, will drill into the state of adoption of public clouds services within the country’s organizations.

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What every Canadian CIO needs to know about data sovereignty



But CIOs and CISOs also need to ask the right questions, said Megha Kumar, IDC’s research vice president for software and cloud services. “As an organization, you need to do your due diligence. The onus just doesn’t fall on cloud providers, it falls on you,” she said.

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What Canadian Finance Leaders need to keep top of mind when moving their applications to the cloud



As Canadian organizations begin to cautiously plan for a reopening of the economy, many are identifying a shift to the cloud as a key priority that will underpin several operational tasks. During a recent webinar: Canadian Data Residency and a Secure Switch to the Cloud, Megha Kumar Research Director, Software and Cloud IDC Canada highlighted the benefits of switching to the cloud and demystified some common compliance and security misconceptions.

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The sloppy 'digital stampede' that was 2020, and what it means for 2021 Author of the article:

Financial Post  


During a separate webinar, IDC Canada’s head of cloud Megha Kumar suggested leaders target individual lines of business within the company for digital transformation to reduce the anxiety about the entire process which, eventually, will have to be company-wide. This can also reduce technical debt, she added.

Media Appearance Image

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Is the public cloud ready for mission-critical applications? IBM says yes

IT World Canada  


A recent IDC survey shows that 85% of medium and large organizations in Canada are going ahead with digital transformation, despite the COVID-19 crisis. “Many Canadian organizations see cloud as strategic to achieve their transformation goals,” said Megha Kumar, Research Director, Software & Cloud with IDC Canada at a recent ITWC webinar. “And they clearly see the value of cloud for business continuity.” IDC is forecasting that the public cloud services market in Canada will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4 per cent to reach $12.5 billion by 2024.

Media Appearance Image

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TELUS International Announces Launch of Work Anywhere



“There is no doubt that remote work capabilities have become essential in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic over the near-term; however, this shift in the way we engage with customers, partners and employees will remain to some extent over the longer-term, guiding brands’ behaviors for years to come,” said Megha Kumar, Research Director, Software & Cloud Solutions with IDC. “In order to successfully achieve consistent and sustainable benefits across the enterprise, brands will need a combination of the right technology and the ability to transition their culture from the workplace into their employees’ homes.”

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Web conferencing platforms at risk of being lure for phishing emails: consultant

The Toronto Star  


With the use of web-based video conferences proliferating during the COVID-19 crisis, cyber security experts warn they pose a threat as well as an opportunity in the age of telework. There’s an opportunity for providers to increase their market share, but Kumar says that won’t be measurable until the new users start paying for those free or almost-free services. “We really need to wait and see what will happen over the next few weeks or months — however long the situation goes on.”, says Megha Kumar

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Even Canada's big banks are facing challenges in scaling up remote-work capabilities

Financial Post  


According to Megha Kumar, the head of software and cloud services research at IDC Canada, the challenge with having so many individuals logging on at once is that most organizations do not have their servers scaled up to manage the number of gateway licenses needed to have hundreds or thousands of different virtual private networks (VPNs) connect at once. “If you overclog a network, servers might go down. You don’t want that. So it becomes a situation where businesses are now managing server capacity,” she said.

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Big Tech is zeroing in on Canada as the next frontier in the cloud wars

Financial Post  


Cloud companies are hiring hundreds of employees to win over governments, banks and even the oilsands. Those companies now see an opportunity in Canada in part because the country’s businesses have “reached a point where they no longer struggle with why they need to be on the cloud,” said Megha Kumar, a research director at IDC Canada. One reason for that, she added, was Big Tech firms setting up shop in Canada to give businesses here easier access to what she calls the “underlying infrastructure” for modern-day innovation.

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Canada is the next front in Big Tech’s cloud wars

The Logic  online


Arvind Krishna’s appointment last Thursday as the next CEO of IBM was a sign of the times. with why they need to be on the cloud,” said Megha Kumar, a research director at IDC Canada. One reason for that, she...

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How the cloud will create nearly 32,000 jobs in the UAE

The National  online


“Cloud will enable innovative projects that revolve around artificial intelligence (AI), enterprise mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain,” said Megha Kumar, research director at researcher International Data Corporation (IDC). Cloud services will also create demand for new skill types and expertise in the market, said Ms Kumar adding that these will range from AI and blockchain architects and data scientists to AI systems trainers.

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Microsoft and Amazon See Growth in Middle Eastern Cloud Services

Bloomberg News  online


“The region is one of the fastest-growing public cloud services markets,” says Megha Kumar, an analyst for IDC Research Inc. in Dubai. “The potential is huge given the ambitions of the public sector and their drive for innovation.”

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IBM Is Reinventing Itself, And Blockchain Is The Key

Forbes Middle East  online


With national reform agendas underway in the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia, there’s an opportunity to pitch new technologies that could make public services more efficient. “When it comes to AI and blockchain, [IBM] has been working extensively with the public sector in the Middle East,” says Megha Kumar, a research director covering the region for IDC.

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Amazon bets on boom in Middle East as big tech rivals play catch-up

CNBC  online


Amazon’s decision to set up their first center in Bahrain sidesteps Dubai, which has received attention as a promising global hub for start-ups and is where Alibaba’s cloud operations are based. But Megha Kumar, research director of software at IDC for the Middle East and Africa, said these tech giants can reach many businesses in the region once they set up cloud services in one of the Gulf countries.

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