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Melissa Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Melissa Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business Administration | Loyola Marymount University




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Melissa Fitzpatrick joined the LMU Department of Management faculty in fall 2022. She previously served as assistant professor of the practice in ethics at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management where she introduced incoming students to philosophy as a lived practice, while guiding them toward an understanding of business as a force for good and vehicle for change.

Chief among her research interests is understanding how to foster a more sustainable community with the other-than-human world, and, as a vital foundation for that, how to overcome instrumental values. Her work in normative ethics focuses on the intersection of post-Kantian Continental philosophy and contemporary virtue ethics, arguing for the significance of "self-disruption" in ethical development. Melissa has also done integrated teaching, research, and community outreach in pre-college philosophy in the Mississippi Delta and on the Mexican-American border in El Paso, Texas.

Melissa earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston College, an M.A. in philosophy from LMU and a B.S. in communication from Boston University. She is the co-author of Radical Hospitality: From Thought to Action.

Education (3)

Boston College: Ph.D., Philosophy 2019

Loyola Marymount University: M.A., Philosophy 2013

Boston University: B.S., Communication 2009


Areas of Expertise (8)

Pre-College Philosophy

Environmental Ethics

Moral Philosophy

Business Ethics




Corporate Social Responsbility

Articles (5)

“Hearing the call of other animals: carnal hermeneutics & the ethico-moral imagination"


Forthcoming in 2022

“Philosophical ‘descent’: between the philosopher & the other"

misReading Plato


This book reorients the scholarship on Plato by returning readers to his most fundamental insights and reflections on the nature of the human psyche and the human condition.

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“Race, pre-college philosophy, & the pursuit of a critical race pedagogy for higher education"

Ethics and Education

Co-authored with Amy Reed-Sandoval


This article seeks to explore ways in which pre-college pedagogical resources – particularly Critical Race Pedagogy (CPR) developed for high school students, as well as Philosophy for Children (P4C) – can be helpfully employed by college level instructors who wish to dialogue with students about the nature of race and racial oppression.

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“A Nietzschean ethics of care?”

misReading Nietzsche


The goal of this volume is to reread Nietzsche for all that he shows and all that he hides. It is to dig deeper into his work in order to challenge misreadings of old and invite misreadings anew--as, indeed, his work itself calls for and demands.

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“The recollection of anxiety: Kierkegaard as our Socratic occasion to transcend unfreedom"

Heythrop Journal


In this paper, Melissa examines the self-damning repercussions of attempting to elude the psychological tension of anxiety, ultimately illustrating that the Socratic teacher plays a vital role in the recollection of anxiety's critical function on the path to authentic selfhood.

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