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Mercy Eyadiel - Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem, NC, US

Mercy Eyadiel Mercy Eyadiel

Associate Vice President, Career Development & Corporate Engagement | Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC, UNITED STATES

Eyadiel’s mission is to help students discover their values and provide ways for them to translate their interests into a rewarding career.


Mercy Eyadiel believes that key to helping students secure not just any job, but the right job, is a strong network of people who teach, guide and support them both personally and professionally. With nearly 20 years experience in career development, Eyadiel’s mission and passion are to help students discover their values and provide ways for them to translate their interests into a rewarding career. As such, she has been quoted in national media outlets ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Parents magazine.

In the Office of Personal and Career Development, Eyadiel imagines new ways to fuel excitement and build connections using every available resource, including potential employers, alumni and parents. She says matching the right student with the right job opportunity is a method for long-term career success. Eyadiel knows that fostering connections with local and national businesses, developing successful internship opportunities and working with alumni and parents help open doors.

Areas of Expertise (13)

Talent Recruitment


Interview Preparation

Staff Retention


Career and Executive Coaching

Strategic Marketing and Communications

Program Design

Partnerships and Alliances

Volunteer Recruitment

Community and Team Building

Leadership Development

Strategic Planning and Execution





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Accomplishments (1)

A. Michael Spence Award (professional)

Staff recognition for excellence in contributions at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Education (2)

Oklahoma City University: M.Ed., Education 2001

Southern Nazarene University: B.A., Human Relations and Music 1993

Media Appearances (6)

Job hunting in the Digital Age

The New York Times  


Many recruiters use tracking systems to sift through virtual piles of résumés searching for specific qualifications — say, software developers fluent in a programming language — or previous jobs that illustrate leadership qualities. What does this mean for applicants? “Make sure you are carefully reviewing the job description and aligning your experience and transferable skills based on what the organization is looking for,” said Mercy Eyadiel, associate vice president of career development and corporate engagement at Wake Forest University. “If you don’t, you risk not showing up in the list of potential candidates for consideration,” which is often based on keyword searches. That doesn’t mean regurgitating job descriptions or being untruthful, but it does require imagination. “If they are looking for project management skills, and you ran for student government and had to run big projects,” Ms. Eyadiel said, “that counts.”

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4 Steps to a better job interview



For instance, many recent grads don’t realize that, just as they studied for tests, they need to prepare thoroughly for an interview, says Mercy Eyadiel of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “Sometimes they underestimate how competitive the landscape is,” says Eyadiel, the university’s associate vice president of career development and corporate engagement. “The person that actually does the homework really stands out.”...

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More college grads are getting better jobs

USA Today  


At Wake Forest, 144 employers attended career fairs on campus this year, up from 122 in 2014, says Mercy Eyadiel, who heads employer relations for the school. Many students, she says, are receiving multiple job offers...

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Stephen Colbert delivers funny farewell to Wake Forest grads

WFMY News 2  


Prior to the speech, the Good Morning Show spoke with Wake Forest University employer relations specialist Mercy Eyadiel, who said this class of graduates is entering the professional world at a good time. She said research shows the market is currently a "buyer's market," meaning students are often receiving multiple job offers because of increasing competition. Eyadiel also said current trends suggest more students are going to be able to pay back student loans...

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Business majors’ job prospects are looking bright



Mercy Eyadiel, the executive director for Market Readiness and Employment at Wake Forest University School of Business, said she has witnessed a strong turnaround in the undergraduate job market for business students since she started at the school three years ago. Back then, she and her staff were trying to rebuild interest among employers in the financial services sector. Many had forgone traditional fall recruiting, instead doing spring or just-in time hiring. Fast forward to today and those same employers are no longer as hesitant about hiring, she said. Many are eager to secure a spot in the school’s fall recruitment calendar, and even companies that traditionally don’t recruit on campus have become more aggressive about securing talent, Eyadiel said.

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Better job prospects greet new Wake Forest grads

WFDD Public Radio  


Economic experts say after years of sluggish growth, employers are once again looking to hire. Mercy Eyadiel is the executive director of employer relations at Wake Forest.  She describes the job outlook for new graduates as robust. Eyadiel says having exposure to the working world is key. Those who will find it easier to land a job are those who did internships and took them seriously.

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