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Meredith Carroll, Ph.D. - Florida Tech. Melbourne, FL, US

Meredith Carroll, Ph.D.

Professor | College of Aeronautics | Florida Tech


Dr. Carroll's research focuses on decision-making in complex systems, human-machine teaming, performance assessment and adaptive training.

Areas of Expertise (13)

Training Fidelity Analysis

Adaptive Training

Individual Differences

Urban Air Mobility (UAM)


Learner Engagement

Decision Making

Stress and Resilience

Human Machine Teaming

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Cognitive and Affective State

Behavioral and Physiological Assessment

Return on Training Investment


Dr. Meredith Carroll is a professor of aviation human factors and director of the Advancing Technology-interaction and Learning in Aviation Systems (ATLAS) Lab at Florida Tech's College of Aeronautics. She has nearly 20 years of experience studying human/team performance and training in complex systems.

Her research focuses on decision-making in complex systems, cognition and learning, human-machine teaming, performance assessment and adaptive training. She has been funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Army Research Laboratory to study different facets of these areas.

Dr. Carroll also worked at the Kennedy Space Center conducting user-centered design of International Space Station payloads, processing facilities and ground support equipment.

She teaches a range of human factors courses aimed at giving students practical, hands-on experience in applying theories of cognition and learning to optimize performance in a range of situations from aviation to defense.

Some of Dr. Carroll's projects include research currently funded by AFOSR to study trust in heterogeneous, multi-level human-agent teams, including interventions to ensure proper calibration of human trust in agents/autonomous systems and strategies to repair trust after a trust violation. She is also currently funded by ONR to examine instructional strategies to engage and educate under represented minorities (women and minorities) in the field of cybersecurity, including development of a pilot training program for local high schools. Dr. Carroll is also conducting research in the field of Urban/AdvancedAir Mobility (U/AAM), examining human factors considerations for pilot operations of emerging vehicle and operational concepts. She was also recently funded by the FAA to study pilot decision making on the flight deck, including how to effectively integrate information from multiple sources and support pilots in making effective decisions when faced with information with varying levels of integrity, reliability and security.

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Media Appearances (3)

Air Taxis? Vertiports? New Course at Florida Tech Explores Urban Air Mobility

Florida Tech News  online


Students will work in multidisciplinary teams that include industry stakeholders and hear from guest speakers from organizations including Uber Elevate (which was acquired by Joby Aviation last year) and the FAA. It will be facilitated by Meredith Carroll, professor in aviation human factors at Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics, along with industry professional Chris Fernando and others.

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$600,000 FAA Grant Awarded to Florida Tech to Investigate How Pilots Make Decisions

Space Coast Daily News  online


Meredith Carroll, associate professor of Aviation Human Factors, received a $600,000 FAA grant subcontracted through Enroute Computer Solutions to study how pilots respond when faced with discrepant data in the cockpit.

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‘Looks like we lost the other one’

Corporate Jet Investor  print


Meredith Carroll, associate professor of Aviation Human Factors at (Florida Tech), said some airlines are beginning to consider how they can prepare their pilots to deal with stress more effectively. Carroll has constructed research with the US military on stress training techniques. In one example, service members were asked to perform difficult mental calculations or to make a high-stakes presentation immediately before their simulator session to provide an opportunity to perform under stress.

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Education (3)

University of Central Florida: Ph.D., Applied Experimental/Human Factors Psychology 2010

Florida Institute of Technology: M.S., Aviation Science 2003

University of Virginia: B.S., Aerospace Engineering 2001


Selected Articles (5)

An adaptive learning model for predicting and analyzing student performance on flight training tasks

Proceedings Volume 12122, Signal Processing, Sensor/Information Fusion, and Target Recognition XXXI


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Teammates Instead of Tools: The Impacts of Level of Autonomy on Mission Performance and Human–Agent Teaming Dynamics in Multi-Agent Distributed Teams

Frontiers in Robotics and AI


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User Experience, Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors Associated with Internet of Things (IoT) Device Information Privacy

International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction


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Impact of Heads-Up Displays on Small Unmanned Aircraft System Operator Situation Awareness and Performance: A Simulated Study

International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction


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Resilient Performance in Aviation

Advancing Resilient Performance


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Affiliations (8)

  • Florida Tech Research Council : Chair
  • Florida Tech Women's Council : Professional Development Subcomittee Co-Chair
  • Florida Tech University Teaching Track Promotion Board : Member
  • College of Aeronautics Graduate Program Committee : Member
  • College of Aeronautics Doctoral Comprehensive Examination Committee : Member
  • College of Aeronautics Undergraduate Curriculum Committee : Member
  • Florida Tech Drone Club : Advisor
  • Florida Tech Catholic Campus Ministry : Board Member

Event Appearances (1)

Training Approaches to Promote Resilient Performance in Pilots

Global ATS-V