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Michael Brito - . New York, NY, US

Michael Brito Michael Brito


Social business, community building, and customer advocacy expert.



I consider myself a student of the social business, community building and customer advocacy. Over the past 13 years, I have been fortunate enough to work for major brands in Silicon Valley to include Sony Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo! and Intel. I was hired in 2009 by Edelman Digital as a Vice President of Social Media where I am responsible for providing strategic counsel to many of our tech clients here in the Bay Area.
I believe that marketing can be evil at times; but if done right, it can drive customer loyalty and brand advocacy. I believe that marketers and communication professionals need to spend more time listening and taking action – less time talking.
I believe that consumers are real people and relate to other people, not corporate entities and logos. They hate to be referred to as customer segments and/or target audiences. I am confident that if brands treat them like humans with kindness and respect — and essentially show them a little love — their customers will love them back and tell others about it too. Love Hip Hop and the Lakers.
Just finished a social business book “Smart Business, Social Business: Lessons from behind the corporate firewall“ available on Amazon and local bookstores. And now I am on to my next project, Social Business News!

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Computer Networking

Think Tanks

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  • Silicon Valley Tweetup
  • Proud Marine – US Marine Corps
  • Angel Investor for OneForty
  • served on the Interim Board of Directors for the Social Media Club
  • Board of Advisors for Marketing Zone
  • Business Advisor for Izea


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