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Michael Curran, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Michael Curran, PhD Michael Curran, PhD

The Diana and Thomas Klein '84 Assistant Professor of Economics | Villanova School of Business | Villanova University


Michael Curran, PhD, is an expert in computational international financial macroeconomics


Areas of Expertise (6)



Computational Economics

New Macroeconometrics


Interational Financial Macroeconomics


Understanding the "big picture" when considering the global economy is Dr. Curran's area of expertise. With research specialties in computational international financial macroeconomics, and uncertainty, he can discuss the interrelationships between key elements of national economies like inflation, gross domestic product, and unemployment, and how they affect and are affected by the global economy. A native of Ireland, he has been a sought after media source for commentary about Brexit and its effect on the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Education (4)

Trinity College Dublin: PhD

Northwestern University: MA

Cambridge University: MPhil

Trinity College Dublin: BA

Select Accomplishments (5)

Honors Program Thesis Mentor Award (professional)

Villanova University (2017)

Research Excellence Award

Villanova University Honorable Mention (2017)

Lily Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship (personal)


Denis Conniffe Prize (professional)

2015 Best paper by young economist at Irish Economic Association

Young Scientist at Lindau Nobel Meetings (Economics) (professional)

2014 One of 450 from 20,000 nationally and internationally selected.

Affiliations (6)

  • American Economic Association
  • European Economic Association
  • Royal Economic Society
  • Econometric Society
  • Society for Computational Economics
  • Western Economic Association International

Select Media Appearances (4)

Farmers in Northern Ireland Plan for Financial Issues Following Brexit Ruling

World News Stand  online


Irish famers in Northern Ireland are expected to be hit hardest after the recent Brexit ruling. Northern Ireland relied strongly on the European Union relating to their country’s agriculture. According to the Irish Examiner, the Brexit deal could result in a loss of billions of euro in EU grants. “In terms of agriculture, the Republic of Ireland itself accounts for about 33% of Northern Ireland’s goods exports, and most heavily in terms of agriculture,” said Professor Michael Curran, an American economist at Villanova University. “About 82% of farm income in Northern Ireland comes directly from the EU; from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) grants.” Curran states that as soon as Brexit is implemented, the grants will go away and all that income could be lost.

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Republic stands to win big on Brexit uncertainty

The Irish Echo  online


Article by Dr. Michael Curran

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Will Brexit hit Northern Ireland farmers hardest?

Farminguk  online


'Professor Michael Curran, an economist at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, said Northern Ireland would be hardest hit post-Brexit.'

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Northern farmers ‘hardest hit’ by Brexit fallout

Irish Examiner  online


'Professor Michael Curran, an economist at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, said that while the UK’s decision to leave the EU was “unambiguously bad” for Ireland and the UK as a whole, Northern Ireland would be hardest hit.'

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Research Grants (1)

Villanova Match Research Program

Villanova University 


Select Academic Articles (3)

The CAPM, National Stock Market Betas, and Macroeconomic Covariates: A Global Analysis

Trinity Economic Papers, Trinity College Dublin

Michael Curran, Adnan Velic


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Interest Rate Volatility And Macroeconomic Dynamics: A Cross-Country Analysis

Villanova School of Business Department of Economics and Statistics Working Paper Series

Michael Patrick Curran, Adnan Velic

April 2017

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Real Exchange Rate Persistence and Country Characteristics

Trinity Economics Papers, Trinity College Dublin

Michael Curran and Adnan Velic

March 2017

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