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Michael Ellis Michael Ellis

Psychic Intuitive, Public Speaker and Author | Michael Ellis Psychic Intuitive Consultant

Redding, California Area, CA, UNITED STATES

Visionary Psychic Intuitive Consultant - Helping you Follow Your Dreams!



My professional background is in business and marketing. However, that is not my current profession. Some time ago, I had a dream that caused me to rethink my entire career! I have always been psychic. I have always had a knack for knowing the future. As young man I was always getting requests to do tarot readings for friends and family members because of my accuracy and my insights. After years of denying my talent I decided to come forward and use my ability to help others find their way in this increasingly complicated world.

Have you have been feeling stuck and unsure of your next move? Does life seem to be just getting more difficult lately? You have questions that you can't or wont talk to others about. I am here to help.

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Ohlone College: Marketing, Graphic Design 1992