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Michael Hartzell - Michael Hartzell International. Greater Seattle Area, WA, US

Michael Hartzell

CEO | Business Coach | Speaker | Author | Michael Hartzell International

Greater Seattle Area, WA, UNITED STATES

Writer, speaker & coach focused on helping entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs "Maximize impact and return on investment."



Michael Hartzell is Chairman and CEO of Michael Hartzell International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations with a primary focus on innovative marketing to grow sales and profits.

Michael Hartzell is the author of and co-author of The Reality of ROI & Social Media Marketing. Inbound marketing and guerrilla marketing are at the core of every plan. Going beyond marketing, Michael's mantra: "Don't just sell. First, make their day!" ™ is growing as a core message for small business.

Writer, speaker & coach focused on helping entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs "Maximize impact and return on investment."

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Robert Nitschke, Managing Partner, CollaborationHQ | BizEnrich

“Michael has a unique ability to move from strategy to execution at lightning speed--Truly a results oriented individual. Michael is a marketing expert who has found a niche in Internet Marketing and what it takes to create success for others out of a mantra of "making their day."

Miles Austin, The Web Tools Guy / Sales and Marketing Technologist | Fill the Funnel, Inc.

"Michael led a very productive, informative and entertaining Internet workshop. I arrived with an open notebook and left with several pages of information about Google, landing pages and numerous web tools. Michael's extensive experience in business allow him to wrap the web tools and techniques that he teaches with his considerable business experience, resulting in real world credibility and value for anyone in business. When you have an opportunity to hear Michael speak, do not miss out." “Michael is one of those gems that we come across in our lives that we are lucky to have found. Michael is one of the most creative, forward-thinking and positive people I deal with in business, and he always delivers above and beyond expectations.”

Monique MacKinnon, Speaker - Coach | Chef's Table For Entrepreneurs

"Michael is like a breath of fresh air to work with. Each interaction with him is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Plus, Michael has that rare talent of being able to perfectly balance and blend lightheartedness with single-mindedness. This makes for a highly productive and fun business relationship. Bottom line is, if you're seeking an insightful, knowledgeable and entertaining virtual speaker, then definitely consider hiring Michael."



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1000 to 15000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee