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Michael Hasler - The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. Austin, TX, US

Michael Hasler Michael Hasler

Program Director, M.Sc. Program in Business Analytics | The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business


Supply chain operations and high technology in the automotive industry


Areas of Expertise (12)

Supply Chain Management

Operations Management

Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

Process Improvement

Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing Operations

Organizational Culture



Alternative Energy

Career Management


Michael Hasler is a senior lecturer in the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. He is also the Program Director for the MS program in Business Analytics and a fellow in the Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence.

The bulk of his professional experience was in the auto industry in supply chain and operations, and he moved to high technology in the semiconductor equipment industry with Applied Materials in Austin, Texas. While at Applied he helped launch their Supply Chain Management activity, led operations for a $1 billion division, and was the Head of Global Materials Operations before leaving in 2003. As one of the operations executives at Applied, he was chosen to help create and lead Applied Materials’ Leadership Development program.

A native of the Midwestern US, Michael (Mike) Hasler grew up in Indiana and Michigan, and has lived throughout the Great Lakes region. Mike spent over twenty years in the auto industry working for a few different companies including General Motors and Nissan; as well as owning a company that was part of the auto, defense, and engineering industries.





Michael Hasler at the Alumni Business Conference Austin Forum - March 4: Diving Into Data


Education (3)

Texas A&M University: Ph.D., Human Resource Development 2009

The University of Virginia: MBA, Master of Systems Engineering 1985

Kettering University : B.M.E. , Mechanical Engineering 1980

Media Appearances (9)

VERTS founder makes Forbes' 30 Under 30

Daily Texan  online


“I have to say one of the things about that that was so striking was ... these guys came in, and they had it knocked,” Hasler said. “They had done their research, they knew what to do (and) they were passionate. It was really easy to be an advisor to them because they knew what they wanted to do.”

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Co-op CEO George H. Mitchell retires

The Daily Texan  online


Michael Hasler, chairman of the Co-op board of directors and senior lecturer in the department of information, risk, and operations management, said Mitchell’s legacy is not limited to UT. “He has been in this industry for over 50 years total,” Hasler said. “There’s not a college student in the U.S. in the past couple of decades that hasn’t benefited from him,” said Hasler, program director for the master’s degree in business analytics.

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Rankings: The Best Business Analytics Masters Programs Of 2016

Business Because  online


Michael Hasler, director of the MSc in Business Analytics at McCombs, said that companies have recognized the need for deeper analytical rigor in decision making.

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The Hottest New MBA Is Not an MBA at All

Forbes  online


In the University of Texas McCombs School’s business analytics MS program—which last year had 650 applications for a 60-seat cohort—starting salaries for graduates who had come straight into the program from college was $75,000 for 2013 and 2014, with a median salary of $89,000 among all students in the two classes.

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Business Schools Seek To Master Analytics With New Data Degrees

BusinessBecause  online


Michael Hasler, director of the MSc in Business Analytics program at McCombs School of Business in Texas, says a third of students began their analytics careers in consulting. “Companies have recognized the need for deeper analytical rigor in decision making,” he says. “Additionally, the internet and lower cost computing and data storage have enabled organizations to gather and store much larger amounts of data... To reveal important insights.”...

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Does Big Data Mark the End of Being Leadership Savvy?

Texas Enterprise | Big Ideas in Business   online


Today’s CEO is faced with increasing levels of complexity that correlate strongly with the working definition of Big Data: massive Volume of data, accelerating changes in the Velocity of that data, and it comes from a growing Variety of sources. These three characteristics of data – volume, velocity, and variety – are working together to create a dramatically more complex business environment. A senior decision maker may be left wondering, what is the role of my hard-earned leadership instinct and industry knowledge – must I always follow the data trends?

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Expert: Big data is big business

El Paso Inc.  online


“Data is the new oil,” Michael Hasler told a crowd of El Paso business people Friday morning. Hasler, who is director of the business analytics program at the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business, said data, like oil, are basically useless in raw form. But refined they can have a big impact on any business’s bottom line...

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Big data brings big academic opportunities

ComputerWorld  online


Based on student inquiries so far, "getting 50 (students) is not going to be the issue, figuring out where we want to cap it might be the bigger issue," said Michael Hasler, the director of the program at the university. It will be an 11-month, full-time program. What may be the pioneering program was started in 2007 at North Carolina State University, which has enrolled 84 students in its class a 2013. It just recently finished expanding its facilities to meet demand. There were 272 applications for this class...

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As Chewy.com found in South Dallas, D-FW is ideal spot for online sellers to play fetch

Dallas News  online


"You can save 50 percent on your dog food, but if you have to wait two weeks to get it in, you're going to end up starving your dog," said University of Texas logistics professor Michael Hasler. "And time for [Chewy] is less of an advantage and more trying to dispel disadvantage. They have to have a short enough lead time for customers to be willing to order it and get it right away."

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Articles (3)

A model for tomorrow’s supply chain leadership Supply Chain Brain


New findings from a number of highly regarded supply chain organizations and research enterprises show the need for a balanced approach of specialists and generalists for truly world-class performance.

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National human resource development in transitioning societies in the developing world: Brazil Advances in Developing Human Resources


This article explores and describes Brazil within the transitioning contexts of economic, political, and sociocultural growth and development.

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Perceptions of emotion expressiveness: Gender differences among senior executives The Leadership & Organization Development Journal


Folk theory and empirical studies generally indicate that women tend to be somewhat more expressive than men. The present study seeks to determine whether there are gender‐related emotion‐expressiveness differences among senior executives and to explore the extent to which there are emotion expressiveness differences by organizational position.

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