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Michael Henderson - Cultures at Work. 1840, Auckland, NZ

Michael Henderson Michael Henderson

Cultures at Work

1840, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Unlocking the power of cultures


Michael, through his writing, speaking and mentoring, has supported leaders of businesses of all sizes and across all industry types, to gain superior business results through understanding, inspiring and championing their workplace culture and the tribes at work within them.

He’s been in business educating and advising organizations on culture for over 20 years. He continues to be fascinated and inspired by the people he meets and the work he gets involved in. His love of learning about the influence and power of culture started in childhood and has taken him to over forty countries around the world to study, live with, or work with many tribes and organizations.

Michael combines his academic background in anthropology and training in axiology (the study of human values) with his own experiences in business, to keep the services he offers simple and practical.

He continues to be acknowledged as an expert in the field of workplace culture and more often than not his clients become friends and even raving fans. Fortunately he has Shar, his wonderful wife, and his three teenage kids, to keep him grounded.

Michael's’ life experiences including being lost in the Sahara Desert, and being given only 24 hours to live due to a severe bout of cerebral malaria, has lead Michael to combine forthrightness and compassion for his clients, with an inner drive to bring meaning into everything he does in his work.

When you work with Michael, you get leading edge knowledge, innovative thinking, a driving passion for your culture and a ‘gloves off’ tell it like it is approach. Somehow through all this, his clients constantly say he’s a nice bloke!

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Cultural Anthropology



Tribal Culture

Sample Talks (4)

Ferocious! How to massively increase sales opportunities.

Get Tribal! Ignite your tribe's passion to perform and serve.

Personal values alignment for work/life balance 'Goal Getting' and stress management.

Chiefing Your Tribe! What to do when you're in charge of a tribe and know little about culture.



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