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Michael Jackson - Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Michael Jackson Michael Jackson

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

A leading global speaker on the subject of business change








Michael Jackson has over 25 years of strategic business, marketing and communications experience. Born in Britain, then London educated and trained in business strategy development and communication, he has worked personally with Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic, as well as with the directors of many other leading global businesses such as Microsoft, Nike and HP.

Today he is widely regarded as a full time professional speaker and writer - and has become globally renowned and sought-after as a specialist on the subject of change in a business context, speaking at around 150 conferences and seminars a year across Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA and the Middle East; to audiences ranging from factory workers to Heads of State.

He is continuously rated by his clients, conference organisers and audiences alike as ‘simply outstanding’ for the way he creates and delivers powerful business messages, as he consistently and successfully predicts and details market performances, trends and consumer behaviour with unerring accuracy.

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Media - Broadcast

Consumer Goods

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The Challenge of Change

Better Business Rules

Socialocity - the Power of Business Social Media

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"A national treasure" (personal)

Former South African President Nelson Mandela; describing Jackson after working with him on a 2 man presentation

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Over 150 events in a dozen countries  Globally

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The Challenge of Change

This dynamic and motivational keynote presentation encompasses a hands-on view of the global business world - beginning with an initial look back over past business/ consumer/ lifestyle trends and culminating in ways to deal with all the resultant pressures and changing dynamics of today's key business issues. The Challenge of Change leaves every audience with an accurate assessment of where they find themselves, in business and real life, and shows them how to compete in any marketplace; both today and into the foreseeable future. Designed for businesspeople at all levels across the enterprise, this presentation clearly explains the issues in clear cut and compelling scenarios, and does so in a way which surprises, delights and entertains. Selected examples of business excellence and references to modern successful businesses are included, and used to clearly highlight the route to future success. Tailor-made to suit and coincide with your conference theme, this presentation will deliver serious common-sense food for thought and hands-on business guidance, whilst stimulating and enabling individual audience members to perform to their full potential. Michael's skill in presenting, combined with the subtle interplay of messages from the host company, makes for an impactful, memorable and enthralling presentation, and one which has been rated as no less than excellent by over 950 audiences to date across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States of America.



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5000 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee