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Michael  McCutchen - Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship. Rockwood, ON, CA

Michael McCutchen Michael  McCutchen

Mentor | CBASE | RLB LLP - Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Rockwood, ON, CANADA

Mike’s personal life is much like his career in tax; he is always looking for that next challenge and new learning experience



Mike has two favourite subjects; sports and taxes, and you’d be surprised to know that they have a lot more in common than one might expect. Mike approaches issues like a coach would construct a play in sports: looking at the big picture and then breaking it down into the finer details. During his meetings, Mike will often work through tax problems and leave the plan looking like the X’s and O’s on a locker room chalkboard.

Mike particularly enjoys the coaching aspect of his role. He always helps to clarify the technical tax components into reasonable, easy to understand concepts for his clients.

Mike has always been up for a new challenge and has pursued new and interesting opportunities throughout his career. He began his tax career working primarily with owner managed business in London, Ontario. He pursued an opportunity to expand his tax career in Toronto, dealing with owner managers, high net worth individuals, cross border issues and HST. His next challenge was working in industry, managing the tax department of a mutual fund company. After relocating to Guelph, his career brought him full circle. At RLB, he primarily works with owner managed clients, assisting them with corporate tax, personal tax and HST issues.

Mike’s personal life is much like his career in tax; he is always looking for that next challenge and new learning experience. There are few sports he hasn’t participated in. He is currently playing hockey at the Sleeman Centre (though obviously not with the Storm), is a member of the Rockwood tennis club, an avid golfer and swimmer. In winters he’s been known to go ice fishing, skiing and occasionally dog sledding. In the summers you can typically find Mike relaxing on the beach or enjoying the camping grounds of Algonquin.

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