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Michael Nowatkowski - Augusta University. Augusta, GA, US

Michael Nowatkowski Michael Nowatkowski

Associate Professor | Augusta University


A leading cybersecurity expert available to discuss the way to keep web conferencing tools safe during the COVID-19 crisis.





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Augusta University Cyber Course Emerging Needs for Cybersecurty Curriculum and Skills




Dr. Michael Nowatkowski is an Associate Professor with the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences. He also serves as a Senior Research Fellow for the Army Cyber Institute.

Areas of Expertise (9)

Cyber Operations Education

Medical Device Security

Information Assurance

Hardware and Embedded Systems

Defensive Cyber Operations

Cellular and Mobile Technology

TCP/IP Protocol Analysis

Control System Security


Education (4)

Georgia Institute of Technology: Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010

Georgia Institute of Technology: M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000

Air Force Institute of Technology: TOOC, Teleprocessing Operations Officer Course 1991

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: B.S., Electrical Engineering 1990

Media Appearances (5)

Augusta named one of the capitals for cybersecurity

WRDW.com  online


"Increased vulnerabilities and risks associated with not having anyone do those jobs," said Michael Nowatkowski, the cybersecurity program director.

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5 tips to thwart medical device attacks

CSO Online  online


“Prior to network connectivity, these devices were protected by physical security. Only authorized medical personnel were allowed in the room with the patient. If changes to the infusion pump operations were made, they were made by pressing buttons on the device,” says Michael Nowatkowski, information security professor at the Augusta University Cyber Institute.

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Augusta denies it was hacked, group says it has more info

The Augusta Chronicle  online


“It could prevent us from looking at new research areas,” said Dr. Michael Nowatkowski, associate professor of information security. “It could prevent us from partnerships with companies that do this sort of investigation.”

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Atlanta cyber attack: Hartsfield-Jackson wi-fi still down

Atlanta Journal Constitution  online


“What makes it maybe more of a danger at an airport is simply the concentration of the number of people in that area, so that would just expose you to more potential hazards, more people that might want to take advantage of your system,” Nowatkowski said.

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Augusta University introduces girls to city's growing cyber world through coding classes

WRDW.com  online


"There's a lot of good ideas that everybody can bring to that workforce," Nowatkowski says. "To think that half of our population is not potentially interested or going to come into that workforce really puts us at a disadvantage."

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Articles (5)

The Unforeseen in Unmanned Vehicles

2018 IEEE International Symposium on Technology in Society Proceedings

Paul Maxwell & Michael Nowatkowski

2018 The development of unmanned vehicle technology is rapidly proceeding and will result in numerous advances in autonomous vehicles. Most of the research effort to date focuses on the safe and effective operation of these vehicles that will allow them to integrate into society.

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Key terrain in cyberspace: Seeking the high ground

2014 6th International Conference on Cyber Security (CyCon)

David Raymond, Tom Cross, Gregory Conti & Michael Nowatkowski

2014 In military doctrine, key terrain refers to areas which, if seized, afford an advantage to an attacker or defender. When applied to geographic terrain, this definition is clear. Key terrain might include a hill that overlooks a valley an enemy wants to control or a crossing point over a river that must be traversed before launching an attack.

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Optimizing summer externships

121st ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition: 360 Degrees of Engineering Education

Michael Nowatkowski, et al.

2012 Summer immersive experiences provide students the opportunity to explore the limits of their engineering education and develop a depth in a field of study. For institutions that centrally manage these experiences, ranging from experiments conducted at other academic locations to research and development with industry partners, to procurement and development with government laboratories and program offices, it can be difficult to ensure that all participants are receiving quality experiences.

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Vehicular network pseudonym distribution in congested urban environments

2012 Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon

Joseph Benin, Michael Nowatkowski, Henry Owen

2012 As vehicular networks (a.k.a. VANETs) continue to mature, the benefits they promise come closer to reality. For this to happen, both security and privacy must be provided. Particularly in dense urban environments, novel methods of distributing the often changing identity (pseudonyms or PNs) of the vehicles is necessary in order to ensure vehicles have sufficient PNs.

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Vehicular network simulation propagation loss model parameter standardization in ns-3 and beyond

2012 Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon

Joseph Benin, Michael Nowatkowski & Henry Owen

2012 Vehicular Networks (VANETs) continue to mature and their installation is becoming a reality. Meanwhile, simulation has become an indispensable tool for validating design and providing insight into how complex systems work. Yet the results of a simulation are only as good as the simulator's configuration.

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