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G. Michael Stathis - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

G. Michael Stathis

Professor of Political Science and International Relations | Southern Utah University


Specializing in political science, international relations, and media portrayal of Islamic religion


Dr. G. Michael Stathis is a professor of political science and international relations at Southern Utah University. He teaches a number of political science courses including introduction to international relations, introduction to the middle east, international law and organization, theories of international relations, international conflict, the President, Congress, the Constitution and foreign policy, politics and film, and American foreign policy.

Dr. Stathis has taught political science since 1974 and has taught at SUU since 1991. He served as associate instructor at the University of Utah and visiting professor at Brigham Young University. Dr. Stathis has published several scholarly papers and book chapters, as well as numerous newspaper articles. He is a regular radio guest on the British Forces Broadcasting System (SITREP) commenting on world affairs.

Dr. Stathis earned a bachelor of science degree in political science from the University of Utah and his master of arts degree in middle eastern studies (Persian) from the Middle East Center at the University of Utah and completed his Ph.D. in political science: international relations (law, organization and politics) at the University of Utah.







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Industry Expertise (3)


Writing and Editing

Political Organization

Areas of Expertise (11)

Theories of International Relations

Islamic State

Fourth Gulf War

International Conflict

American Government

International Law

Middle Eastern Politics

Political Science/International Relations

American Foreign Policy

Media Portrayal of Islamic Religion

Democracy and Islam

Education (3)

University of Utah: Ph.D., Political Science: International Relations

University of Utah: M.A., Middle Eastern Studies

University of Utah: B.A., Political Science

Accomplishments (1)

Outstanding Paper Award Winner, (professional)

Literati Network Award for Excellence, 2013)

Affiliations (4)

  • American Political Science Association
  • International Studies Association
  • Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
  • Western Political Science Association

Languages (2)

  • French
  • Farsi

Media Appearances (4)

The threat of ISIS is real, SUU professor says

The Spectrum  online


The tension building in the Middle East seem to be on the minds of a lot of people these days, and questions involving the safety of the United States, terrorism in the homeland and whether or not to allow Syrian refugees to enter the country are forefront of almost every political discussion this election season. Michael Stathis, professor of political science and criminal justice at Southern Utah University, gave a presentation Thursday on the prospects of a fourth gulf war — Stathis was the distinguished faculty lecturer in SUU’s Convocation series.

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University Provost gives lecture on Islam and Hope

SUU News  online


Dr. Bradley J. Cook, the provost of Southern Utah University and also a scholar of Middle Eastern Studies, will give a lecture on Islam and Hope for the Future on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 11:30 a.m. in the Sterling Church Auditorium of the Student Center. The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with Michael Stathis, professor of Political Science, and Samha Hussein, professor of Chemistry. The panel will be moderated by Doug Bennett, chair of the Political Science and Criminal Justice Department. Co-sponsors include SUU Convocations, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning. This event is free and open to the general public.

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So. Utah Democrats present lecture on ISIS, media’s portrayal of Islamic Religion

St. George News  online


The Southern Utah Democrats are hosting a lecture titled “ISIS and the Media’s Portrayal of the Islamic Religion” to be led by Michael Stathis, a professor of political science on Tuesday at Southern Utah University. ISIS, also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and Islamic State, rules through Sharia law and aims to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria. The group currently controls hundreds of square miles, ignores international borders and has a presence from Syria’s Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad.

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Cook & Stathis awarded for Exploration of Democracy & Islam

SUU News  online


For their collaborative research which stretches half a world away and back again, Southern Utah University Provost Bradley Cook and Professor of Political Science Michael Stathis have been named winners of the 2013 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence. Their scholarly work, "Democracy and Islam: promises and perils for the Arab Spring protests," received the organization’s Outstanding Paper Award, chosen above thousands of other research papers focused on global citizenship, development and responsibility.

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Articles (2)

Democracy and Islam: Promises and Perils for the Arab Spring Protests

Journal of Global Responsibility

Michael Stathis & Bradley J. Cook

While other observers have explored the compatibility question of Islam and democracy, very little has been written on the recent political upheavals situating the question within this context.

The Crusades: A Modern Perspective on the 900th Anniversary of the Event

Southern Utah University

G. Michael Stathis

November 27, 1995, marked the 900th anniversary of Pope Urban II’s call for holy Crusade at Clermont Ferrand. The general objective of these ‘holy wars’ was to establish Christian control over the holy places of Palestine, especially the church of the Holy Sepulchre. From 1095 to 1493 the nobility and common folk of Europe sewed crosses on their tunics and took oaths to defend Christendom from the scourge of Islam and to attempt the capture of Jerusalem.

Courses (7)

POLS 1100 American National Government

Source of democratic ideas and principles of the constitutional system. Cultural, group, party and governmental influences on the process of public policymaking. The administration and impact of public policy.

POLS 2100 - Introduction to International Relations

A fundamental introduction to the essential definitions, concepts, theories, authors, institutions, and contemporary background for an understanding of current international affairs.

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POLS 2300 - Introduction to Political Thought

An introductory survey of key political ideas, concepts, and movements from antiquity to the 21st century.

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POLS 3440 - Introduction to the Middle East

An introduction to the study of the Middle East by way of geography, religion, political developments and ideas, and contemporary conflicts. Particular emphasis will be put on how early political events have come to affect the twenty-first century world.

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POLS 4660 American Foreign Policy

A fundamental survey of the foundations, institutions, trends and intentions of American foreign policy with particular emphasis on the development and implementation of policies of recent administrations.

POLS 4700 International Conflict

Analysis of contemporary international and regional conflicts, identification of the major players and the causes and impact of these conflicts. Areas of focus may include the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Southwest Asia and the Balkans.

POLS 4990 Capstone Seminar in Political Science

The completion of a substantial capstone paper based upon an in-depth study of contemporary issues in political science.