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Michael  Veracka - Farmingdale State College. Farmingdale, NY, US

Michael Veracka Michael  Veracka

Professor, Department of Ornamental Horticulture | Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale, NY, UNITED STATES

Professor Veracka is a licensed landscape architect, and creator of the college’s Sustainable Garden.


Professor Veracka, an award-winning landscape architect, has worked across the United States designing and creating gardens, from small urban spaces to large country gardens. He is the creator of the Sustainable Garden at Farmingdale State College, a new half-acre demonstration garden focusing on contemporary strategies and practices relating to responsible resource use; conservation and innovation; product development, and food production. In 2013, the State University of New York designated the garden as one of “Six Big Ideas with Unlimited Potential.”
At the root of Professor Veracka’s work is a reverence for nature and a respect for the natural environment. His landscape gardening is particularly well known throughout New England; he is a graduate of Providence College (Rhode Island) and taught at the Rhode Island School of Design.





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Areas of Expertise (4)

Landscape Design Plants and Trees Landscape Preservation Landscape Construction

Industry Expertise (3)

Design Education/Learning Landscaping

Education (2)

Providence College : BA, English

Rhode Island School of Design: Masters, Landscape Architecture 1993


Media Appearances (2)

The Registry - Michael Veracka

The American Registry  tv


The Registry of Professional Excellence is the world's most complete database of top professionals. When a professional is publicly recognized, American Registry flags it, authenticates both the award and the honoree and adds them to The Registry.

This distinction is issued by a highly regarded publication using relevant evaluation criteria, likely including quantitative metrics along with evaluations by trade experts, analysts, professional peers or clients.

Of the tens of millions of North American professionals, fewer than one percent are ever recognized in the press and selected for inclusion in The American Registry of Professional Excellence. Michael Veracka has achieved a hard-earned recognition.

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An Interview with Michael Veracka, Chairman of the Department of Urban Horticulture & Design at Farmingdale State College

iEatGreen  online


This week, my guest on the Progressive Radio Network is Michael Veracka, an Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urban Horticulture and Design at Farmingdale State College. Along with his students, he designed in 2011, a one half acre Sustainable Garden on the campus grounds.

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Published Articles (1)

Delivering better water quality: Rethinking storm water management IEEE


Traditional storm water management practices have historically been designed around a drainage system's ability to quickly convey a storm's peak flow by using detention structures to detain and release runoff at rates that did not exceed predevelopment peak flow rates. Within such practices downstream property is supposed to be protected from storm water flooding by controlling the rate of runoff discharged to streams and water bodies, but often fails to address runoff quality or runoff volume. Increasingly of concern and under scrutiny is what happens when rain water hits ground surfaces. This paper will examine how water quality and run off damage is best controlled and most economically achieved if storm water management starts at the point that water contacts the earth. Specific water harvesting strategies suitable as retrofit elements for existing commercial buildings and adjacent landscapes will be investigated. Case study examples from the Farmingdale State College campus will depict how surface runoff from roofs and parking lots can be harnessed for groundwater recharge and withdrawal - irrigation and ornamental features.

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Courses (1)

Landscape Construction Detailing

Expand your knowledge about construction detailing for residential hardscapes such as walks, patios, terraces steps, and walls. Through lectures, drawing exercises, and field trips to construction sites, we will examine the relationships of landscape materials to building techniques and the con- struction process. Prerequisite: Drafting or equivalent.

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