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Michele Deegan - Muhlenberg College. Allentown, PA, US

Michele Deegan

Associate Professor of Political Science, Department Chair | Muhlenberg College

Allentown, PA, United-States

Dr. Deegan's research interests include state and local government policy making, with an emphasis on regionalism.





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State of the Lehigh Valley-- Community Trends From Pre-K to the Workforce - Breakout Panel from State of the Lehigh Valley




Michele Moser Deegan, Ph.D. Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science at Muhlenberg College.  She is the founding director of the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, a collaborative Lehigh Valley-focused research center of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. Through her work with the LVRC, Dr. Deegan has completed research on such topics as the region’s public school systems, non-profit organizations, community health, sustainable economic development, and the changing gambling behaviors of residents.  She also advises a number of government and nonprofit organizations regarding program outcomes and performance.

In addition to her work with the LVRC, Dr. Deegan is also involved in the College Admissions Mentoring Program (CAMP). Co-founded by Dr. Deegan and professors at DeSales University and Cedar Crest College, CAMP connects undergraduates across the three college campuses with local high school juniors, for the purpose of guiding them through the complex college admissions process.

At Muhlenberg, Dr. Deegan teaches the introductory course on American national government as well as Research Methods, Public Administration Inequality and US Public Policy, and The Politics of Poverty. Her research interests include state and local government policy making, with an emphasis on regionalism.  She has authored numerous book chapters, reports and articles in national journals of political science, public policy and public administration.  Prior to her position at Muhlenberg, she has held faculty positions at New York University, Lehigh University, Moravian College and as a tenured professor at The George Washington University. Dr. Moser Deegan earned her Ph.D. from New York University.

Areas of Expertise (9)

Lehigh Valley's Public School Systems Nonprofits Community Health Sustainable Economics Sustainable Development Program Evaluation Public Policy Gambling Public Administration

Education (3)

New York University: Ph.D., Public Administration 1996

DePaul University: M.S., Public Services 1991

University of Pittsburgh: B.A., Political Science 1988

Affiliations (2)

  • Northeastern American Political Science Association
  • Community Indicators Consortium

Media Appearances (2)

Newsmaker: Lanethea Mathews-Schultz, co-editor of 'State of the Valley' report

The Morning Call  


More than 10 years ago, Michele Moser Deegan (Muhlenberg College) was the visionary force in creating the LVRC ...

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Can Lehigh Valley minorities overcome a cycle of poverty?

The Morning Call  


"It's one thing to have low income, but add to it less education, a lesser neighborhood and less ability to get loans," said Michele Moser Deegan, a political science associate professor at Muhlenberg College ...

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Event Appearances (3)

Public Health, Regionalism, and he Affordable Care Act

Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association  Boston, MA


A Study of Advocacy by Nonprofit

Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association  Philadelphia, PA


Examining the Effects of Working at Polls on College Students' Political Efficacy, Ambition, and Interest

Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association  Philadelphia, PA


Articles (3)

Building Community While Complying with the Affordable Care Act: A Case Study of a Regional Community Health Assessment in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires nonprofit hospitals to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNA) every 3 years. Best practices for CHNAs are still emerging and, along with growing economic pressures, contribute to uncertainty about the short- and long-term costs hospitals will face as a result of the ACA. This article describes a community-based partnership coordinated by a nonprofit hospital and a consortium of academic institutions as a model for conducting a CHNA.

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A Model for School-level Resource Reporting: Benefits and Challenges Public Performance & Management Review


This paper describes a model for assessing and reporting school-level resources. State and local decision-makers have been seeking ways to obtain such information for more than a decade, but there is as yet no easy, accessible way to do so and no way to satisfy both internal and external users of the information.

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Connecting Students to their Community: A Public Research Model of Service Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly


In recent years a lively debate has been taking place regarding the effectiveness of community service and service learning in encouraging the political engagement of college and university students in the United States.

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