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Michelle Bauml - Texas Christian University. Fort Worth, TX, US

Michelle Bauml Michelle Bauml

Clotilda Winter Professor of Education | Texas Christian University


Professor Bauml focuses on early childhood/elementary teacher education and teacher decision-making.





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Michelle Bauml is an associate professor of early childhood/social studies education in the College of Education at Texas Christian University and the Winter Professor of Education. She teaches undergraduate courses for the early childhood education (EC-6) program and graduate courses in Curriculum and Instruction. One of her most recent projects involves examining early childhood preservice teachers’ thinking about social studies inquiry. In August 2016, Bauml directed the first annual TCU iEngage Summer Civics Institute, a 5-day civics camp designed to teach middle schoolers about civic engagement through inquiry. She will direct the 4th annual iEngage camp in summer 2019.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Early Childhood Teacher Education

Elementary Social Studies Education

Teacher Decision-Making

iEngage - Civics Education

Teacher Knowledge and Beliefs

Education (3)

The University of Texas at Austin: Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction 2010

University of St. Thomas-Houston: M.Ed., Educational Administration 2004

Texas A&M University-College Station: B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies 1992

Media Appearances (3)

TCU observes National Child Abuse Prevention Month

TCU 360  


“Because one aspect of Alliance For Children’s focus is education, partnering with TCU’s College of Education, Department of Social Work and Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development is a win-win for all involved,” said Michelle Bauml, an associate professor in the College of Education and co-chair of the TCU Pinwheel Project committee...

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Starpoint School Honors Veterans

TCU College of Education  online


Starpoint School students honored veterans with a ceremony held for the first time this year at the school on Friday, November 9. What started with a collaboration between Michelle Bauml, A.J. and Edna Pickett Endowment for the Clotilda Winter Professor of Education, and Lisa May, first year instructor at Starpoint, grew into a school-wide celebration that coincided with the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day.

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Educating Our Youth to Become Good Citizens

The McCuistion Program  tv


Join us as we discuss the role of previous generations to educate future generations on civic responsibility.

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Articles (6)

Is it cute or does it count? Learning to teach for meaningful social studies in elementary grades.

Journal of Social Studies Research

Michelle Bauml

2016 In this study of 75 elementary preservice teachers, the author examined ways in which a social studies methods course affected beliefs and pedagogical approaches for meaningful social studies instruction. The study adds to the field's understanding of "what sticks" in teacher education.

Learning From Preservice Teachers’ Thoughts About Teaching in Urban Schools: Implications for Teacher Educators

Education and Urban Society

Michelle Bauml, Antonio J. Castro, Sherry L. Field, Deborah L. Morowski

2013 Preparing new teachers to work in urban schools has become a priority for many teacher education programs. This study explored 20 preservice teachers’ responses to a scenario about working in an urban school as a beginning teacher. Specific attention was placed on what participants believed were key challenges and concerns...

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The Aztec, Frida Kahlo, and Cinco de Mayo: Mexico in Children's Literature

The Social Studies

Michelle Bauml, Sherry L. Field

2012 The authors provide an overview of children's books published in the United States during the last decade (2000–2010) that deal with Mexico and Mexican people. Suggested guidelines for selecting quality books and a list of award-winning titles are included as resources for teaching about Mexico...

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Every Day Successes: Powerful Integration of Social Studies Content and English-Language Arts

Social Studies and the Young Learner

Sherry Field, Michelle Bauml, Mary Ledbetter

2011 Instructional time for social studies has been reduced nationwide, particularly in the elementary grades. Yet states continue to promote content standards in history, economics, civics and geography for young learners. Purposeful integrative content that is appropriate for grades K-6, while sometimes difficult to find, seems to many elementary school teachers to be a favored approach. Research suggests that instructional time devoted to elementary social studies is minimal at best. There also seems to be a discernible trend that teachers are finding ways to incorporate social studies throughout the school day, by carefully integrating content. Recognizing these realities, the author team (a classroom teacher and two teacher educators) has worked together for the past three years to document and report through publications and conference presentations how fifth grade teacher Mary Ledbetter finds time to plan and implement high-quality social studies instruction through content integration. We wanted to know how she does the work of social studies in her classroom and what high-impact strategies she uses to connect social studies content to other content in a very full curriculum.

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“We Learned All About That in College”: The Role of Teacher Preparation in Novice Kindergarten/Primary Teachers' Practice

Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education

Michelle Bauml

2011 This qualitative case study reports how five first-year kindergarten/primary teachers utilized knowledge and skills from their teacher preparation program as a means of approaching curricular decision-making for instructional practice. In many ways, participants drew from university courses, field experiences, or both to help them make sense of their work and to guide their decisions. This was achieved as participants adopted, modified, imitated, or avoided what they learned during their teacher preparation program...

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Examining the Unexpected Sophistication of Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs About the Relational Dimensions of Teaching

Teaching and Teacher Education

Michelle Bauml

2009 Research on preservice teachers’ beliefs about professional teaching capabilities indicates strong attention to the relational dimension; these studies have contributed to a portrayal of preservice teachers as simplistic and overly optimistic about the teaching profession. In this article, I position preservice teachers’ attention to teacher–student relationships as a form of professional knowledge. Drawing from findings of a qualitative study of U.S. elementary (prekindergarten-Grade 4) preservice teachers who were asked to describe professional characteristics of effective teachers, I suggest their beliefs reveal surprisingly nuanced understandings about the complex nature of teaching.

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