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Michelle  Lobchuk  - Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB, CA

Michelle Lobchuk

Associate Professor | Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Nursing, University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

Empathic understanding of our partners in care - Family Carers in Canada





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I was born, raised, and am a long-life Manitoban. I come from a family of proud nurses. I was always immensely impressed with the respect my nurse-mother garnered from family and friends who sought her counsel about life and death issues in the community where I grew up. I eventually became a diploma trained nurse at Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre. Due to the encouragment of our progressive instructors at the School of Nursing, I followed obtaining my University-education that led to completion of my Interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Manitoba. As a result of my advanced training in research and excellent mentors, I grew to love the enterprise of science and research. Based on my profound clinical experiences at the bedside, I continue to conduct research to help clinicians, patients, and their family caregivers feel understood. I believe that feeling misunderstood is one of the the most distressing experiences of being a human being. The humbling but essential process of seeking empathic understanding serves the basis for my studies that target stigmatized conditions - such as, lung cancer, at-risk health behaviours, and urinary incontinence. In my CAreLab at Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, collaborators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and doctoral students join me in building family caregiver science that demands our increased attention to meet the needs of our partners in care - family caregivers in an aging population.

Industry Expertise (4)

Elder Care

Health Care - Providers


Health and Wellness

Areas of Expertise (9)


Family Caregiving


Perceptual understanding


Stigmatized conditions

Symptom management

Quantitative Methods

Qualitative Methods

Accomplishments (6)

Research Manitoba Research Chair in Caregiver Communication (professional)


The Chair Award has provided me with research time protection and ability to support students and post doctoral research fellows in advancing family caregier science with a particular focus on interventions in empathic communication.

College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Excellence in Professional Nursing - Research (professional)


This award is in recognition of my role in advancing knowledge in nursing practice.

Canadian Association of Nursing in Oncology/Pfizer Excellence in Nursing Research Award (professional)


This award is in recognition of my contributions toward oncology nursing research.

Winnipeg RH Foundation Award (professional)


This institutional award is in recogntion of my outstanding contributions to scholarship and research in the health science category.

Canadian Association of Nursing Research Outstanding New Investigator Award (professional)


This national award is in recognition of my contributions toward nursing knowledge as a new, independent researcher.

National Cancer Institute of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society Research Scientist Award (professional)


This personnel award is in support of developing my research program as a budding nurse scientist in the area of oncology nursing.

Education (4)

Health Sciences Centre School of Nursing: RN Diploma, Nursing 1988

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Nursing: Baccalaureate of Nursing, Nursing 1991

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Nursing: Master of Nursing, Restorative Nursing 1993

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Nursing: PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies 2001

Affiliations (1)

  • Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Nursing

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (6)

About my caregiving research program and CAreLab, Grace Hospital

CJNU Radio  radio


I was invited to speak to listeners about the type of research I am conducting in the CAreLab located at Grace Hospital.

RN's Research Bridges the Gap between Student and Caregiver. Scope of Practice Series

College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba  online


The news journal article captures the communication research I am conducting in the CareLab with caregivers and nursing students.

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Clinical Research: Bringing Discoveries to the Bedside

St. Boniface Hospital Research  online


Website describing my research including a video recording of an interview with Greg Mackling, St. Boniface Foundation for their website, "Research Was Here".

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Caring for the Caregiver

University of Manitoba ResearchLIFE Summer 2016, Volume 2  print


This article describes the grand opening of the CAreLab at Grace Hospital in Winnipeg. This Lab supports communication research designed to enhance students' and clinicians' empathic communication skills with patients, families, and other professional caregivers.

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New lab merges health care and communication

Metro News Canstar Community News  online


Newspaper article describing the grand opening of the CAreLab at Grace Hospital and communication research being done.

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Lung cancer stigma interferes with care

CBC News Health  online


I was an invited guest to speak on my study with 304 pairs of patients with lung cancer and their family caregivers on stigma associated with the disease. This engagement was part of the report card release on cancer in Canada, Cancer Advocacy Coalition.

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Event Appearances (1)

Keynote: Keeping family caregivers healthy keeps patients healthy

Centre on Aging Spring Research Symposium  University of Manitoba Bannatyne Campus, Brodie Centre

Research Grants (10)

Caregiver Communication Research Environment: A Naturalistic Setting for Empathic Communication

Canada Foundation for Innovation 


Infrastructure funding to build a naturalistic setting to conduct communication studies in support of carers - professional and family.

Improving Empathic Accuracy through an In-Class Intervention provided via videoconferencing

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Small Research Grants Program 


This intervention study is led by my post doctoral research fellow, Dr. Lisa Hoplock, to study impact of my adapted empathy-related video-feedback intervention for delivery via telehealth to rural and northern nursing students.

Heart Health Whispering: An empathy-related video-feedback intervention for nurse practitioners and cardiovascular health-risk behaviours of family caregivers.

College of Nursing Endowment Fund Research Grant in Professional Foundatons. 


This two-arm intervention study is designed to conduct pilot evaluation of an empathy-related video-feedback intervention to bolster the empathic understanding of nurse practitioners on caregivers' health-risk behaviours for cardiovascular diseasea.

Heart Health Whispering: An empathy-related video-feedback intervention on nursing student understanding of family caregiver at-risk health behaviours.

Research Manitoba Chair funds 


This two-arm intervention is designed to pilot test the impact of my empathy-related video-feedback intervention on the empathic accuracy of undergraduate nursing students on caregivers' health-risk behaviours for cardiovascular disease.

Comparison of nurse attitudes toward family care by nurses in hospital and home care program.

Grace Foundation and Winnipeg West Integrative Health & Social Services Program operating grant 


This quantitative and qualitative study was conducted to uncover hospital and home visiting nurse attitudes toward family care.

Informal caregivers and service needs in the WRHA Home Care Program.

The Manitoba Patient Access Network Steering Committee Call for Proposals 


This study is comprised of several components designed to discern family caregivers' use of the home care program's respite care program. The impetus is awareness that despite growing caregiver distress, there is limited use of the respite care program.

Intervention for family caregivers who are employed in the Canadian Workforce

Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging/ CIHR 


The purpose of this mult-site study is to determine the scalability and adaptation of the Reitman Centre CARERS Program consisting of a psychotherapeutic group intervention to bolster the coping and problem-solving skills of caregivers dealing with dementia care in rural Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

Nurse attitudes toward mobile device use in multi-site hospital settings

Grace Hospital Patient Care Research Award 


This study is designed to evaluate the impact of an educational intervention on nurse use of mobile device use at the bedside.

Examining the relationship between family caregivers' emotional states and ability to empathize with individuals dealing with multiple sclerosis

Riverview Health Centre 


This correlational study was designed to examine the relationships among caregiver mood states, effects of multiple sclerosis, and caregiver empathic helping behaviours.

Caregiver Communication Think Tank



This meetings and dissemination grant provided funds for Dr. Lobchuk to bring together a Think Tank (2-days) caregiver researchers, graduate students, governmental and non-governmental, and lay caregivers together to discuss communication issues experienced by family caregivers at the system-, health care professional-, and patient-levels of patient care.

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Articles (8)

A study of the impact of an educational intervention on nurse attitudes and behaviours toward mobile device use in hospital settings.

Journal of The Canadian Health Libraries Association


A before and after educational intervention study on nurse mobile device use at the bedside.

Examining associations of functional deficits and mood states with empathic responses of stroke family caregivers.

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing


A study of the relationships between caregiver mood states, stroke effects, and caregiver empathy.

Immigrant Filipinos as caregivers for Filipino loved ones with chronic illness in Canada.

Philippine Journal of Nursing


A qualitatiave study of Filipinno family caregiver perceptions of caring for older adults in one prairie City.

Development of a novel empathy-related video-feedback intervention to improve empathic accuracy of nursing students: A pilot study.

Nurse Education Today


A pre-post pilot study of an empathy-based video-feedback intervention and its effects on student nurse empathic understanding of family caregivers' at-risk health behaviours.

Examining the Relationship Between Family Caregivers’ Emotional States and Ability to Empathize with Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Pilot Study.

International Journal of MS Care


This study is a replication of my graduate student's (Ms. Chen Jin) thesis project that examined the relationship among caregiver mood, disease affects, adn caregiver empathic relations with individuals dealing with multiple sclerosis.

A comparison of affected individual and support person responses on the impact of urinary incontinence quality of life.

Urology Nursing


This is a study that captured the qualitative experiences of family caregivers and individuals affected by urinary incontinence in the home care setting.

A qualitative analysis of ‘naturalistic’ conversations in a peer-led online support community for lung cancer.

Cancer Nursing


This is a qualitative study of responses of patients dealing with lung cancer and their family caregivers in an on-line community bulletin board.

Impact of patient smoking behavior on empathic helping by family caregivers in lung cancer.

Oncology Nursing Forum


This is a large study with 604 patients dealing with lung cancer and their family caregivers on the impact of caregiver's thoughts and feelings toward patient smoking on caregivers' empathic helping behaviours.