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Mike Aikins

Founder and Managing Director | Centre for Securities Industry Strategy


Globally experinced expert in the design and implementation of Electronic Markets

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Information Technology and Services

Financial Services

Capital Markets

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Agility in Capital Market Venues

Overthinking Your Enterprise Architecture

Lessons Learned With Competition in Capital Markets

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The Winds of Change in Exchange IT

I have wondered what is right technology model for a major capital market. Should an exchange own and operate all their own technology?? What should (publicly listed) exchanges do to leverage technology while becoming more fiscally responsible with respect to how much of the company's assets should be invested in tech? Right now most exchanges operate on a tech model that is around 10 years old (at least). While some exchanges use outsourced data centre / facilities management, the majority still want to own the hardware (or lease) and they want to either build their own software (still !!!) or license then significantly customize a software platform.......